Very True.

When I was a teen I could go out as a girl and feel right and fit in. I can't even remember being scared the first time, even after my Mother said be careful. She was always afraid someone might do something to harm me. But girl I was and loved it, felt safe with friends.

As I got older, I could only venture out on business trips. I was a bit scared then but I finanlly made up my mind to get out of the hotel and go to the mall across the street. While I was out in the mall I made my my first lingerie purchase dressed as an adult woman. And shooping and trying on heels was divine. Well I began to feel just like a runway model. Don't know why. But after being out a few more times I became very confident, and now I can shop for girl stuff dresses any old way.

So these day I do when I am on business trips. I live as a woman in the hotel and many times, except at work, as a woman.

I am very comfortable going out, but the bathrooms are a problem. Most times I just 'hold it' and just go home so as never to create a problem for any one. But when I do go out I shop for clothes or go to a Coffee Shop. My next hurdle is a resturant for a meal and hopefully a date. One day ... to work.
It is very comfortable being out as a woman, a natural feeling. Just not ready for my family to know it yet. Nervous and scared yes, but also responsibilities there must take precedence over my own needs and wants.

When I am fully dressed I am presenting as best as I possibly can my feminine persona and as such I become completely comfortable and confidant as a woman.
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Thats all it takes is confidence.... I love doing it too

Yes, I was lucky. Guess all I can say to others ... know yourself and be yourself.

You are very lucky to have that sort of confidence from the get go.<br />
I have a nasty ghost from my past hindering me.<br />
A legacy that my father left me.<br />
He would go mad at my mother for treating me as a girl and mad at me for behaving like one.<br />
I tried so hard to be his little man just so that he would leave my mother alone and in doing so I lost myself and was not me to anyone.<br />
And thats not the only thing he would go mad at my mother about, Just general abuse about the house by a drunk father. I have lived in shock for a long time from what I have seen him do to my mother and my family.<br />
I have seen horrors that no child should ever see.<br />
Even after a few years after their divorce my mother caught me wearing her clothes when I was about 14-15 and offered to help and support me to be a girl, she just wanted me to be happy for once doing what I wanted to do but I was lost and confused with that ghost from my past haunting me every waking moment of my life.

Since the above comment I have been dressed up and out in public twice in the last week totalling 24 hours and I am gaining confidence with each step of my heels. A wonderful feeling and adventure.

You are an ausome lady Josie! I wish I were just like you!

Josie, you truly are an inspiration xx

Thanks Denise. I hope one day to be myself every minute. I'm working toward that.