First Visit

Me and my wife went to a swinger club for the first time. I left our table to get a couple of drinks, and upon my return i saw her with another couple in between kissing both. She was rubbing his bulge which was probably more than twice my size, since i'm only 4. They were both fingering her ***** and the guy pulled out his finger and put it in his wife's mouth which she sucked so amazingly. They got up and said to go with them and she came over to me and said I could come to watch but she's got a strict policy of a 6" and up only. We all went to the room where the 3 continued to kiss while unclothing each other. The guy said i was more than welcome to stroke if i wanted to, since i was hard anyways. I watched them engage in so many different positions. My favorite was probably the triangle when my wife was riding his hard **** and his wife on his face while the 2 of them were kissing. He had came 4 times, 1 with his wife, and 3 with mine, all bare too. They were snuggling with each other and kissing when another came in. His wife asked for size and he whipped out a 9" and thick. So the 4 of them starting to engage in some more sexual activities. The husband came about 5 more times, and the other came about 3. I had came about 6 times. My fifth time i came, they were all 4 laying there watching me chanting "tiny ****, tiny ****" which got me so quickly and gave them a good laugh. That night on the way home, my wife kissed me and said thanks for be a tiny **** loser so she could have all the big dicks she wanted. And that tonight is one night i'd never be able to top for her at anytime.
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yeah, i thought it was amazing too...

Super hot story, amazing the guys coulc *** so much