Forst Time

We had been on a lifestyle site for awhile but never went to club. Of was a costume party so we dressed up and went. At first we just kind of watched then, one of the sponsers came over and took Peggy off to side. He lifted her costume and began licking and fingering her. Her eyes rolled back breathing became fast she came. The gentlemans wife had taken me out of pants and was stroking me. Then she stood up and straddled me I slid in as she rocked back and forth watch our spouces having sex. By the end of the night no one had clothes on and we had made a few good friends
casscobikers casscobikers
2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

oh omg it is so much fun have even gone to swingers camp ground

We made our call yesterday. Will be attending our first in a couple weeks! So excited ;)