Unsure What To Expect

I have been wanting to visit a swingers club for some time now.  Last time I was in Vegas I almost made it into the RedRooster with the wife , but couldn't muster up the courage. 

Another thing that stopped me from attending is the possibility that most people frequenting these clubs are old, washed up and disease ridden.  I know nothing about the community but imagine a swingers club to be similar to a nude beach (more wrinkles than imaginable.)  Then again, maybe I am wrong.

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9 Responses Sep 2, 2008

I have been to the Red Rooster numerous times and every time I have had a great time!

As for the crowd it will be a cross section of the general population. I would say average would be mid 40. You will see people of various races and body types.

The first time I was vary nervous too. My advice is just like jumping into a pool that is a little to cool. Dive in and after that initial shock you will adjust. You won't be sorry.

How do these clubs view bi guys? I have had 3somes and 4way couple swaps and would love to experience the club scene

If ever in Las Vegas, and are interested in a descreet, attractive male while here, let me know. Jiminvegas72@yahoo.com

Try Vegas based AmericanLowLife.com. It's a Lifestyle social website with loads (excuse the ex<x>pression) of info & resources but minimal ads & other advertising! I haven't been hit up by any fake profiles yet & it seems more legit than craigslist. Good luck everyone!

I have also wanted to visit a swingers club, but my wife- after lots of discussion- decided that, if we are going to do something like that, it would be better to start out with a ********* or another couple-type-thing first. Still in the discussion and fantasy stage for us. Maybe sometime in the near future....lol.

nothing wrong in wanting to know about swinging clubs often wondered myself have seen ontv events and what goes on sure there are some people who are older but thet all there for same thing and it can be fun afer all thats what they are there for and these events are organished professionally so go on next time explore its a once in a life time experience and likely as not you if you dont like you probably see the people who where there ever again

Thanks for the insight. My wife and I are planning on going to Vegas sometime in the new year. If we attend a Swingers Club I will make sure to post the story here.

Have never visited a swingers club in Vegas but have been to several swingers socials. Group is generally in late teens to mid forties. Occasionally meet people up to 60s, all of whom I've enjoyed meeting very much. However, as they tell me, sexual desire wanes as we get older, so it will happen to all of us. Majority there have been about 32 to 42. Next largest group is usually made up those in 20s.<br />
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I'm 27 and age isn't a factor to me and I dont think it will be to you either once you visit one of these. Admittedly things in Las Vegas might be a bit different.

I live in Vegas and haven't the courage to visit a club yet myself, but many of my friends have. I have heard good and bad about both the Red Rooster and the Green Door. I'm told that the "younger crowd" goes to the Green Door but I also heard that it's more clique-y there. There's also a house party somewhere in town, but it's one of those invite-only, meet at a storage facility for the password type of thing.<br />
I say go for it...and then tell me which is better. :)