Almost Did

We had 2 misses on what I had hoped would have been a great opportunity.  We live in a small town, but there are swingers here that often visit a larger center where they have clubs.  They formed a club in our town and agreed to meet informally on tuesday nights at a small local bar in a neat old building.  I was familiar witht he place and I thought the venue was perfect.  We showed up on a Tuesday night for a drink after a movie, but it was a poor showing and the place was filled with cigarette smoke.  There were a few couples there, but none that looked the least bit interested in meeting anyone.  We choked down a drink and left.  That was one.

We had planned a vacation in Palm Springs at a clothing optional resort that had a reputation for wild sex parties on the weekends.  I had reserved 5 nights there, but as I reflected on it, I thought, "5 days is a long time if my wife hates this scene."  So we went to a clothing optional resort in Mexico instead.

Since then, my wife has met 2 women whose relationships fell apart during the swinging scene, so for now it's not an option.

2fun 2fun
41-45, M
Mar 11, 2009