Pyramides !!!

I'm dying to see the Sphinx, the pyramides, Tutankhamon's golden mask... and and everything !

Egypt is so fascinating- imagine how sophisticated they were ! It's my dream- one day I'll go there, I promise !

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Hi guys,<br />
You can contact me any time to arrange you any tour here in Cairo or any where else here in Egypt.<br />
You are also free to ask me for any question you can't find its answer about Egypt, life in it, places to visit, prices, ...<br />
Just contact me.<br />
<br />
Best Regards.<br />

Egypt is a magical place. I went there in 1999 with two female shaman and a small group, fifteen of us. We went all over Egypt to all the temples and pyramids. We sailed the Nile, shopped the souks, and took short train and plane trips to see the incredible sights. We were granted access to all the temples and pyramids before opening or after closing, never during regular hours. We saw<br />
Abu Simbel at night. We sat in front of Ramses in the dark when suddenly the<br />
lights were turned on them and we gasped in unison. What a sight. We went<br />
to Abydos, The Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Saqqara, the island of Philae where<br />
the temple of Isis lives (for me the most beautiful of all). We went to the Island<br />
of Silence, which is no longer allowed by the government. We sailed in a calleche and ended the trip at midnight inside the Great Pyramid. Spectacular.

thanks :)

Yes honey,<br />
I'm sure you'll experience Egypt one day :D