Homesick For My Ancestral Homeland

I have never been to Ireland, but I really want to. It's where my family on both side came from (along with Scotland and Cornwall). I grew up in Australia with no hint of cultural heritage from my Irish family background but when I was about 17 years old, I discovered folk music. Back then folk music in Australia was all about Celtic and English folk revival music (The Bothy Band, The Chieftans, Steele Eye Spann, etc) and when I was 18, I started playing mandolin and percussion in a Bush Band and learned to teach dances from Australia that were mostly a mixture of ceili dances and scottish country dances. I fell in love with the music and found that it was really in my blood. I wasn't able to go overseas while I was looking after my mum who had cancer, but now that she has passed away, I'm free to go to Ireland. I'm just saving up my long service leave and money. The problem is that my wife, who is Iranian, is not so interested in Ireland and especially not in the Irish music that I absolutley adore. So I may end up going there alone. The other issue is that I know my family came from Belfast on my mother's side and just south of there on my father's side, but I am worried that because I don't know any actual relatives there, that I will feel disppointingly alone when I finally get there.
gavmac gavmac
46-50, M
Aug 1, 2010