I have family on both the North and South Island and my great aunt was Maori

We were always sent calenders and photos of both Islands each year and the images were very striking.  I was always promised as a child that we would go on holiday there but alas, I am 26 and my parents still have never been on a plane, either of them, so it is now very much my own initiative now and it is not to visit family (i hate visiting family that live abroad) 

Tonight I am watching an Extreme Fishing show about New Zealand, as I was struck by the beauty of the place they were fishing in and discovered it to then be New Zealand, which they are also exploring in part as tourists.

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3 Responses Mar 16, 2009

I would love to go there. i know people that went there on vacation, came home and sold all their stuff and moved there.

ive never been and would love to go.

I have a friend there... I love the nature. it's really beautiful place :) <br />
*catches butterflies*