I Could Never Pick Just One.

I want to see the world. I would say it is a matter of where do I want to go first. I've always wanted to go to Ireland, and England. Scotland is low on my list. Next comes South America: Argentina, Chile, and Brazil. I would probably start in Peru because I visited there a three years ago and I've made some wonderful friends. I would do France, Italy, Greece, and Spain. Maybe do some kind of a wine tour. Then New Zealand, Australia, and Indonesia. I would like to spend an extensive amount of time in each country and I may not do them in groupings. It just appeals to my sense of efficiency because they are so close together. I am in love with culture. I admit I find the asian, Indian, and Arab cultures a little too exotic to be comfortable but I still want to explore there too. I want to go to Egypt, (not right now) Morocco, Japan, Thailand,and even Mongolia. China is huge but Beijing, or Macau are the main places I would like to visit. I would like to go to Russia would probably be Moskow and St. Petersberg. I very much want to see Finland, Norway and Sweden. Well then I may as well round it off and return by way of iceland and Greenland. As you can see I sort of bi-passed Africa. That would be last. I am not very secure with their unrest there and would probably leave the entire continent for last after India and Iran. Hopefully by the time I've seen everything else they'll have cooled things down in these hot spots.
moonspun moonspun
26-30, F
Feb 17, 2011