A Lil Confused..

I guess u could call me old fashioned... but i've been brought up to wait till marriage.  Ofcourse i want to have sex now but, waiting for that special someone on the night of ur wedding, what a remarkable thing...

i struggle with it everyday, should i or should i not? I am in a long distance relationship, both of us virgins. Being in long distance makes it easier to wait, but knowing that i will see him next summer, makes me want to give him myself sooo bad. Im really serious about him and have even promised him my virginity, as well to me he has his.

But next summer, when that time finally comes, will i or will i not wait? That is the question. I want it to be perfect like every other girl, but to me, the only way it could truly be perfect, is for me to save it for my husband, meaning waiting till marriage.

Yet, then again...

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well that didn't happen and im no longer with that guy anyways

You have the right thought. It may be hard at times but you can really do if you commit yourself to that idea.

Right after writing this, i pretty much copied and pasted it to my bf... <br />
<br />
He agrees completely with me : ) Neither of us will truly kno till next summer. <br />
God do i love him. lol : )