4 The Man I Love And Cherish The Most In This Lifetime

This wandering mind cannot find peace. I simply cannot sleep without you near. Your presence in my life has become soothing, reassuring, intoxicating and at times even weakening. I crave the  touch of your masculine hand against my skin. My greatest desire is to breathe in the manly musk of you. I long to feel the warmth of your breath on my skin. I need to hear the sound of your voice tickling my ear as it both grounds me and sends me soaring in passion all within the same moment. But I am here and you are not. This feminine skin is left awaiting the devastation of your touch, the heat of your lust, the fire from your passion gaze upon me. This woman has to reach out to you, and at the risk of all that is me I await your return to me, because near or far- this heart, mind, body, and soul are bound to you and I have no desire to break free. 

Because I am always a little drunk on you sexy....

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Hehe Experienced... I really just love that song. I do like Lady Antebellum too but I am more of a Metallica girl lol.

LOL I have been told that I sing just like Allison Kraus and that I sound exactly like her. I actually sang that song of her's about "baby now that I found you I won't let you go... but I didn't listen to her before that. :)

She has a beautiful voice. I do like Country music,... I like all music. I am listening to Justin Beiber at this very moment and the song before that was big and rich lol.

LOL I won't but she is my girl so she might read it lol. I like Conway Twitty too lol

Awesome. I would like that.

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Hey i am always there. Wannaa any help

Ugh my reply button is broken again ugh ugh<br />
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Sierra, When it is all wrapped up in one man it is phenomenal lol. MMMMM

I TOTALLY agree! bummer on the wonky reply button.... :/ Mine goes crazy sometimes too.... must be a glitch...

This ROCKS! Lust inside of love is an AWESOME experience and you totally caught it in this one !!

Lust is a dangerous fixation!

Oh it has been a lot more than lust for a long time now. We are so hot in so many ways.

He he you say it so nice! Lolol

LOL thanks. I try to be nice. ((hugs))

Thank you. I try to write nice lovey dovey stuff when I can. Most of the time it is mournful though lately.

Aawwooooo nice ;-)