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Caught By Mail Lady

At the time I was living in a home where I had those double entry doors with the large side windows.  From the from door you could see straight back through the living  room the the hugh long sliding back door to the pool area.  The mailbox was at the door and the mail lady walked the neighbor hood delivering.

I would always be naked at home and love being out by the pool area on nice days.  This particular day I happen to be out in the pool area cleaning it with that long brush.  I did not see or hear the mail lady ring the bell as she had a box for me to sign for.  So being the friendly and very hot mail lady she apparently could see me in the pool area and decided to just come around through the fence that I left open earlier that morning from a  home depot  run to get some of the bags of rocks for some plant area around the pool.  In doing so and carrying them to the back I apparently left open the side gate.

I was just chilling listening to music and clean when I hear "hello", OMG I stood there just sock and she a grinning from ear to ear.   She said she had a box for me to sign and I did not hear her at the door, but she could see I was in the back and the side gate was open and hope I did not mind that she came around.  I said no problem and she smiled and said great.  That she has been watching me all week and it was really great to get a closer look and as she was speaking to me, I was growing and getting a super erection.  She moved closer and ask me to sign for the box while staring at my throbbing erection.

She then mention that she wish she had a pool like to to cool off.  I told her that she is welcome to use my pool anytime.  Then I get really, you don't mind of course not.  Well I am on lunch break and then she strips down naked and jumps in the pool.  What a body.

After she made a few laps around the pool she called me over to the steps and told me to set that it looked like I was in real pain.  So I went to the shallow end and sat on the step, I was pouring lots of pre-*** and she then gave me one of the best bj I ever had.

She then got out dried off and got dress.  As she was getting dress she told me that I have been the talk of a lot of the mail ladies as she has not been the only one to see me and ask if she could call me one evening and bring another friend mail lady with her.

That it really gave them something to look forward too in see me naked and they really enjoyed it and had no issues with it.

She thank me for the swim and cooling off and went on her way delivering the rest of the mail.

sunman50 sunman50 51-55, M 3 Responses May 29, 2010

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I wish she was delivering at my new home. Now I have some guy that you never know when your mail will get here and pray its in the same day along that it is your mail. LOL

Amazing! But to my mind, that's what it should be like (well, I dunno about the *******, but if you like that sort of thing...)

Good for you! And her