Visit To Nudist Resort.

Last weekend three friends and I visited a nudist resort just north of Tampa FL and had a wonderful time. I had been there many times, but it was the first visit to a nudist resort for the others. It was great to be able to walk around completely free of clothes and enjoy the nice warm sunshine. We went bike riding, swimming and was able to eat at the restaurant while nude. The people were all very friendly and really made you feel welcome. We were four males and we did not have any trouble from anyone. We all are looking froward to another visit very soon.
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Paradise Lakes?

Sorry..did not read the older posts....have not been to Lake Como (yet)

Have been to Paradise Lakes many years ago.

Have you been to Paradise Lakes Resort?

No worries then, you all had you wash and wear suits on :)

We were at Lake Como in Lutz, FL, had a great time, except it was very hot and it rained.