Texas Campground

My wife and I were traveling through Texas with our camper when we spotted this quaint campground in the middle of nowhere. We checked in and set up camp near the clubhouse which had a pool and jacuzzi. While we were walking through the grounds we spotted a trail through the woods at the back of the camp. At the entrance to the trail was a sign that said "Hang clothing here." We walked back to the office to find out what was going on. We were told that after 7:00pm the clubhouse was closed to children and that the park was clothing optional until 7 the next morning. My wife and i thought the owner was joking so We waited until 7:00pm and then walked to the indoor pool area. There were several couples swimming in the nude when we arrived. We continued to walk to the bar-b que area where we encountered more nude people including the owner and his wife. "Why are you still dressed?" They wanted to know. We looked at each other and shucked off our clothes. It was a pleasure interacting with other naked people in a friendly environment. We walked the trails and even visited other trailers and tents at the camping area. This was great. The place wasn't even a nudist resort.
carstrip carstrip
46-50, M
Dec 9, 2012