I used to live in a garage apartment in a city in the southeast. The apartment was one of two over a six car carport behind an apartment building. Situated on an alley to access the garage parking, so that you had to walk up a few steps to a landing and enter. It was in an area of the city that was residential with single family homes and apartment buildings and was rather quiet on week nights with little traffic and a few folks out walking. After about 10PM it was even more quiet.
I used to love it. It was such an awesome place to live. It was convenient to everything.
Since I was living by myself I rarely wore clothes when I was home, spent lots of time at the beach, nude and would always drive nude the 45 minutes to and from the beach. I really started going nude a lot at this time in my life.
Often I would take a nude stroll through the neighborhood after dark. I would walk around the block on the sidewalks and sometimes would duck into the shadows if a care would pass. I could sometime here loud comments about my appearance from down the street. Wolf calls and the like so I know that was seen occasionally. Once I even passed a young couple on the sidewalk. They were coming around a blind corner and I could not avoid them. They were okay with it just asking me where my clothes were. I told them something I don't remember.
I got a little nervous about this one night after hearing a couple of plain clothes cops talking under my window one in the alley so didn't do it so often after that. But I surely enjoyed it while it lasted.
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Walking around town being seen naked is always a pleasure. And the people who see you always enjoy seeing human beings too. Carpe Diem!