I Want to Walk Around Naked

I belong to a nudist club and this is what we do all the time. No one really pays much attention as to how you look. They are just average looking people that don't wear clothes. I sunbathe in the nude all the time. Some people associate nidity with sex, which is not true in most cases.

kfsteve kfsteve
61-65, M
1 Response Mar 4, 2009

I would say it is true in all cases! If you want to have sex, that is fine, but nobody decides they want to be nude (in the traditional sense) for sex, but rather, they want to have sex and use nudity as a ploy. Unfortunately there are too many stories here (good stories) that confuse the two together. Like going to the beach and just casually walking around and resulting in sex, or others of people who are exhibitionists and want walk around nude parading their erection (which is not nudity but exhibitionism) or others that want everybody to come see their "nude" pictures.<br />
Nudity is everyday life without clothes. Nudes behave the exact same as clothing counterparts and follow the same etiquette only in the nude.<br />
Those wanting to show lewd behavior is fine, but it is not nudity and it is a specific fantasy or sexual behavior that is not reflective of social nudity.