I just find it to be more relaxing to be nude.  I spend all my time at home nude.  When the clothes come off, stress does too.  I wish I could extend this outside of my home.  I think gardening nude or mowing the yard nude would be great fun.  Sometimes when I can't sleep, I sit on my front porch naked.  I did this one morning and didn't see a guy walking his dog. He stopped as his dog did its business and started chatting with me from the sidewalk.  Even though it was dark, I'm sure he could clearly tell I was nude.  He never mentioned it though.  Maybe he left his glasses at home.

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3 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Come to think of it, I do not know any uptight nudists.

i agree friend if more people could just take their clothes of & relax there would be a lot less stress in this world

Or maybe, like my wife and myself, he wasn't offended and was happy to share a moment with you while you were being natural. Nice to hear your tale - thanks.