I Did Walk Through A Town Centre Dressed As A Woman

Well last night I partially achieved this goal as althugh I did walk through a town centre it was at night. However I was fully enfemme, and had to pass several people, most of whom just ignored me and a couple of girls that I over heard saying to each other "would you look at that and laughed".

I started out by dressing at home just before dark, panties with built in suspenders, stockings, black gel bra (does not need padding to great a fair sized boob on me) black skirt to just above the knee and a semi transparent black blouse with little white flowers and to top off a light weight black cardie.

I had already had a really close shave and applied fully make up when in my undies. Unfortunately I am not very good at the make up as I dont get a lot of practice, however it would do for in the dark. Finally came my face framing wig and flatty shoes to drive in, I took my 3in heels to change into when I got to the town.

The riskiest part for me as a closet TV was getting into the car and out of our street, (we get a lot of dog walkers). Once in the car and way I felt really great. All thought of risk was gone, I had not taken any male clothes to change into if there was a problem - I was wearing make up and nail polish anyway a bit of a give away - so was totally free.

I got to my destination town and parked up on the high street which has several pubs and restarunts. Being a Monday night it was not too busy, I crossed the road and walked down the quietest side, having to pass one dog walker. Several time during my walk peolpe passed me by and most totally ignored me. I was so exhilarated by me walk that when I drove through my home town, I noticed that it too was quiet and so parked up and walked down the high street of my home town, knowing that the security cameras would be watching!

I got back home and indoors without further incident and had a stiff drink to celebrate my liberting experiance, I might repeat it again soon, though I think I need to do a lot more to pass in daylight if I even get so easily spotted at night, sigh.


kathytv kathytv
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1 Response Aug 10, 2010

Kathy, I salute you and admire your courage. I can only hope that I can bring Jessica out someday soon like you did.