I Did It Again

Well I have just got back from my second adventrue this week.

Much more down to earth girl this time, simple black knickers, 60 denire opaque black tights, black flat ballet shoes short sleve top over black 40d bra (filled out with rice in old knee highs). Just some fairly light make up (by my standards anyway LOL) and wig.

A nice quite lilttle town 20 or so miles from where I live walked up and down the high street and was just plucking up the nerve to go into the circle K and buy something when it closed. One the way back to my car I passed a kebab shop that was still open and without giving my self time to think, went in and asked for a can of coke. The guy was a bit surprised and stared hard, but made no comment.

I left and drank my can of coke whilst wandering around some other areas, this time keeping my head up when people were near and they didnt bat and eyelid!!

I feel great. Now just need an opportunity and courage to do it in daylight!!


kathytv kathytv
51-55, M
Aug 12, 2010