One Possible Fate

If I truly wanted to be free , no restrictions , I would wander the world . The only companions I'd have would be myself and a backpack . Whichever way the wind blows is where i'll go . I don't know what sights I'd see , who I'll meet , or even what fate awaits . Will I be a merry vagabond or just a miserable bum ? Perhaps enlightenment would be bestowed upon me and I'll share my aquired wisdom with those I come across , just a few words of wisdom in return for a scrap of food . I could hop a freight train to Whereversville and then a train to Noplaceinparticularstown . Eventually , I'll have to take a ship overseas , either as a stowaway or galley cook , then continue onward from whatever port-o-call I land at .
Sooner or later , I'll become weary of traveling and point myself back toward home , wherever that may be . When I finally reach home , I can sit on the porch , relax , and tell the stories of my travels and misadventures as the cars drive by and I feel the wind blow across my face as it stirs someone else's spirit to move along the road to wander the world until they too reach their final resting place .
Mind you , this is only one such scenerio and if I have my way , it'll be done with greater luxery and company but , you know , comforts , luxeries , and enlightenment are what we make of them and what we become along the way .
WisestFool WisestFool
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

wow .you need to watch "into the wild"...its your wish in film form...and a true story :)

Thank you , I'll try to do that when I can . Thanks for the suggestion .