A Perfectly Erotic Night Out With New Friends

Sitting at the bar in a hotel lobby in Baton Rouge. I was having a conversation with a dude about golf when a nice looking couple came in and set down beside me. She was a stunner in a very sexy red dress and wearing "**** me" shoes. I quickly forgot about the golf and said hello. They were both friendly and made it obvious they were out on the town to have a good time.

We quickly hit if off and I after a drink there they were leaving to find another bar down the hall to get a drink and something to eat. Eager not to lose site of her I invited myself along and they allowed it. When we go to the booth I had the opportunity to sit next to her. I sat close enough to her to feel her body and I have to say it was exciting. With his approval my hand was on her leg and I could not believe how soft and smooth her skin was. I tried not to be obvious but I kept staring at her **** every chance I got with out being too crude. I mean to say they were amazing! Bam! I mean they were full and beautiful and perky and in perfect proportion with the rest of her voluptuous body.

At one point when I could not stand looking at her red lips one second longer wondering what they felt like I asked her hubby if I could kiss her. He was a bit shocked and I don't blame him but we had a laugh about it and they agreed that I could and I did and I liked it! After that we were off uptown to another bar. I got to sit with her in the back seat. Lustful thoughts ran thru my head as to what I wanted to do to her but I refrained because she was so damn pretty and looking so good all my ideas would have mess her up and we needed her looking good when we arrived. It was cute helping her walk from our car down the block to the bar. Lets say **** me shoes and cracks in uneven sidewalks do not go together. She had to tell us to slow down more then a few times but we arrived there safely.

The bar was really nice with a cozy crowd and crowded dance floor. We sat out side in a large area of out door furniture and high top tables. Wasn't exactly private but it was an amazing night out and there were lots of people out there to show our date off to. She did get attention. Every step she took, every where we looked there were guys and girls straining their necks to get a better look at her. I felt so lucky to be out and about with them. After a few more drinks, watching her flirt with a guy who thought he was discreetly checking her out and one slow, sexy dance with her and we were off to the hotel.

He and I had one last drink at the bar while she went up to freshen up. After a half hr she gave us a call to come on up to the room.

When we got to the room we found her sitting in a chair with a very pretty and sexy mesh? lingerie on. You could see her beautiful breast thru the dark mesh but they were hidden just enough to make you want to see more. Was not long before I was tasting her lips again and exploring her neck and shoulders, breast and finally her nipples with my mouth. I could feel her responding to me and then she pulled her top down under her breast exposing the most beautiful, full, soft and subtle breast and nipple you could hope for. I knelt in front of her so that I could lick her wet *****. She lay back and enjoyed my mouth moving eagerly around her. Her hubby was filming all of this and that added some excitement to the evening. I could have played right there all night and been a happy man : ) .

Soon I was out of my clothes and she was gripping my hard **** as I continued to kiss her breast. It took my breath away when she put my **** in her wet mouth and started the nicest, slow tease. I was throbbing by the time we moved to the bed. There she continued to give me a slow BJ making my body quiver. I moved into a 69 position so that I could taste her again. Could not get enough of her. Then she rolled me over and did a reverse mount on me. It felt soo good as her ***** slid down on my hard ****. To watch her arch her back and move her *** and slide her ***** up and down on me was almost too much. Soon I would be counting sheep or something lol,,, I wanted this to last awhile longer : ). She turned around on me and the excitement just continued to build as I watched her perfect breast as she ****** my ****.

Then I rolled her over to the doggie position and she took her husbands **** in her mouth as I slowly stroked her. Looking down on her perfect *** and sensuous body was so nice as I stroked her *****. All the while I wanted to pitch myself. Afraid I was dreaming and wake up and this fantasy would be just that a dream. The soft touch of her body let me know that it was real though so I kept indulging.

Later we were laying in bed chatting when her husband starting teasing her from behind. I had thought we were done for the night but I heard her breath changing and some soft moans as he entered her from behind. She again pulled her top down giving me access to those perfect **** and I quickly responded again , kissing and sucking her. Then I moved up to her mouth with my **** and she sucked me as he continued to stroke her ***** from behind.

I felt them moving toward climax as she arched back on him and he let himself release in her. I slide down and lifted her leg up in the scissor position and almost immediately entered her with my ****. She had satisfied one , now there was another for her to take care of. With her leg up over my shoulder I continued to stroke her... slowly at first and eventually pounding that sweet ***** harder until I could feel mysedlf surging to climax and let her know I could not hold off any longer. She begged me to *** in her ***** and that is all the coaxing I needed to let go. It was the most intense ****** I had had in a very very long time and all I could do is hang on to her as my body melted into her body. I lay there quite awhile just enjoying how she felt against me and listening to her breath. But I had to give her back eventually. I was reluctant to give her up.

We rolled over and tried to get some sleep as it was early AM at this point. I have to admit at some point during the night I woke up and thinking about our evening I felt myself getting aroused again. I was hoping we could repeat some of that before we left ... but we slept in too late and that was not to be. But it left me wanting more and perhaps that ending is even better then I could have imagined. I hope that she had as much fun as I did. I hope their ********* together was as pleasant as it was for me.
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That was ******* hot. When I just came it felt like it was me filling her hot *****.

Excellent story! Very well written. Can't wait to read more.

Wow ! i know the feeling you describe so well of ******* a hot babe with another mans *** in her well used ***** . it is an amazing feeling ! cheers