Well this is a question. But what's the best way to ask my wife to have sex with another man while I watch and be next?
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Open and honest communication

Just be open and honest with her, reassure her that she is the centre of your universe and always will be.

Watch a mmf **** movie with her. After the movie, as your licking her **** into a frenzy, look up and ask if she would like to try what was in the movie. She will say no so go back down and just before she **** ask again. Repeat as many times as nessasary until you get a yes. Then make her *** like she's never *** before. PS. Screen the movie yourself first to make sure that there in nothing in it that would turn her off. You might watch a lot of movies and do a lot of licking before you get her to take the next step but it will be worth it.

Realize it's not likely going to be a quick transition. Our society indoctrinates everyone that monogamy is the way to be, so it could take years before she accepts that our isn't a horrible thing. After 5 years my wife had sex with another man while she was away on business for a month. I had to beg her to do it, and she was so guilty she immediately messaged me and asked if she had cheated on me. Be patient and sensitive. That's what worked for us.

First would be, do the two of you have any experience in this or swinging or alt relationships?

No it would be the first time.