Old Dad

My 81 year old dad was staying with my wife and I during the summer months. We are both 42 years old. After coming home from a party one night my wife was pretty drunk and decided not to go to bed right away and said she would stay downstairs with my dad and keep him company until his movie was over. She  sat herself down on the couch and in doing so her skirt started to rise showing a lot of pantyhosed leg. My dad started to squirm in his chair and I realized he was actually trying to peek up her skirt. My wife started to dose off on the couch as I witnessed the event from the kitchen. As she dozed her legs parted just a bit and my dad started to really take notice. At this point I said I was going upstairs to bed but actually stayed down to see what would happen. After my dad made sure she was asleep he moved over to the couch and began to get a better look up her skirt.He gently parted her legs to get a better look as my wife quietly sighed. he became bold enough to lift her skirt further until he could see her red panties through her dark pantyhose. I don't know why but at this point I started to get hard. He slowly stroked her legs and when she didn't wake up he began to rub up near her pantyhosed crotch. At this point I started to stroke myself because I never expected this from my 81 year old dad. He then began to rub his crotch as he slowly began to rub my wife's pantyhosed *****. At this point he had her legs pretty weel spread open and he got down between her legs and started to lick and smell her crotch. Whatever came over him I don't know but the next thing I know he has his hand down in her panties and is attempting to finger **** my wife. He slowly lifts up her legs and rolls her pantyhose and panties down her legs and off. Once again he begins his licking of her ***** ccompletely shocked that she has not woken up. Now he pulls down his fly and pulls out his old fat **** and begins to rub it up against my wifes soaking wet *****. At this time I am ready to shoot my load as he takes her legs up onto his shoulders and begins to slowly bang my wife. I can smell her aroma now all the way in the kitchen as my dad continues his slow but deliberate ******* of my 42 year old wife. After about three minutes he stiffens and I realize he is filling her with his seed. He climbs off my wife and after a few minutes he finally gets her pantyhose back on her. He pulls down her skirt and tries to arrange her on the couch as if nothing happens. By this time I already blew my load all over the kitchen floor. He goes up to bed and I sneak upstairs as well. Getting up at six thirty the next morning I go down and find my wife awake and sitting up with her panties in her hand. She says she dosen't understand how her pantyhose are still on but her panties were on the floor under the couch. She staggers upstairs to take a shower.  I can't wait to bring her home drunk again while my father is still staying at our house.
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Great erotic story. My question is when was the last time you think he dropped his seed and prostate fluid in a *****? I have a 83 year old male friend that I help out at a food bank once a week. He lost his wife about 5 years ago and has had a steady line of senior girl friends since. He regularly tells me of his escapades. He knows that I'm uncut and so he asks my opinion about his foreskin and penis issues. He has had some problems with retracting his foreskin and performing for his girl friends. He says they give great head and it takes him about 5 minutes of them sucking him to get his tool ready for action. His doctor has given him cream for his foreskin tightness and Levitra for erections. He said he now has 4 inches of blue steel ( before he almost had buried penis syndrome) and his tool looks and acts like it used 50 years ago. His foreskin has loosened up and his glans is moist again. He is a horny old devil and tells me about sex life without me asking. He says his ******* are good but his ***** load was small (couple of small dribbles). He said Levitra has helped increase his volume. Go senior citizens !!


Your dad's the man. Nothing hotter than some horny old dude screwing his daughter-in-law. Would have been especially hot if she woke up and just lay there enjoying his ****....

Oh that is way too cool! Loved every part of it.

One hell of a horny story, how would she react if she found out what had happened or was she aware of what was going on but chose to pretend that she was asleep all the time. ;-)

Mmmm hot. It is good your dad couod still do that...

Awesome story, wish i was there to see it, or to share my wife with my dad while she was unconscious

Stroken story

What do you think your wife would have done if she had known what happened?

Very hot indeed! love to hear about the next time.