The Holidays

After my dads visit last summer I thought it would be a good idea to invite him back for Christmas. As we drove to the airport my wife was looking sexy as ever. She had on a skirt with dark pantyhose and boots. When we got to the gate to pick dad up we were surprised he had company.His 79 year old friend Jack was with him and dad apologized for not telling us but Jack had no family and could he stay with us for the holidays. No objection from my wife or I. As my wife helped load the bags into the trunk dad jumped up front with me as my wife an Jack got in the bachseat. As she slid in her skirt rose up her legs and Jack certainly took notice. Once we got home my wife helped with the bags up the stairs and Jack insisted on helping her. He got a good look up her skirt as he followed her up the stairs. That night we took them out to dinner and after a while everyone was feeling no pain. I said I had to work in the morning so when we got home I went to the spare bedroom and dad Jack and my wife stayed up for a nightcap.As they sat across from her they were continually trying to peek up her skirt and when she said her feet hurt from the boots Jack offered his assistance. As my dad went to the kitchen for more drinks Jack was already offering to take off my wifes boots while she attempted to protest he already had her left foot in his hand and began to unzip the boot and at the same time trying to peek up her skirt. When dad came back Jack suggested that he take off her other boot and by now her skirt started to ride up as the old geezers took off her boots. Dad started to rub the bottom of her foot and she said it felt good. Jack did the same and after a minute she was leaning back into the couch with her skirt up and her legs slightly parted.They began at her feet but slowly worked up her legs. By this time she was feeling no pain. Jack was the first to actually rub up her leg and touch her pantyhose covered crotch with the back of his hand. When he didn't get a negative response both he and my dad started to rub her *****. All she did was let out a sigh. Jack knealt down on the floor and stuck his face right into her crotch as she tried to push his head away. At this point I am ******* off and not believing what I'm seeing.Jack puts his hands under her *** and pulls off her pantyhose along with the panties and takes out his ****. My wife is lost in the moment and couldn't realize until it was too late that Jack was inserting his ***** into my wifes wet *****. She let out a moan as he covered her mouth with his own and began to **** my wife with steady strokes. Two minutes later he was filling her ***** with his load. As he got off her my dad grabbed her ankles and rubbed his **** along her ***** until it slipped in. Three minutes later he was filling her with his load. All of this was too much for me as I shot my load on the spare room floor. My dad picked up her panties and Jack took her pantyhose and gave them one last sniff and went up to bed. Trophies for their return trip to Florida. My wife just crawlwed up in a ball and went to sleep as I covered her with a blanket.When I woke up in the morning she was in the shower and the two geezers were still sleepin. They will be here for 5 more days. Can't wait.
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Wish I could visit for a week.

Best yet ****** her while she was still concious of what she was doing

Wow! that took nerve for them and very bold too. But man it was hot!! I'd love to watch my wife done like that.