Older Men ******* My Wife

I have always enjoyed watching other men ******* my wife. I really enjoyed watching older men having a good time with my wife when she was in her 20s. it was a big turn on for me to watch expression on an older guys face when he lays his eyes on my beautiful sexy little wife.

when she entertains men at our home I always have her new partner sit on the couch my wife always comes in with a see-through négligée on which gets them excited pretty quick. she always starts off by giving them a real wet kiss her hands go for their **** right off and of course his hands are going for her ***** which is the way it should be.

I really enjoy it my wife lays on her back with her legs spread waiting for that talk to enter her ***** she puts an awful lot of energy in which he does. there was no way any man can I'll do my wife because she is a nympho maniac usually takes four men to make her happy. the oldest man she had when she was in her 20's was in his 70s that was later given a whole box of candy him.
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me too ... love it


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