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I can't wait to see my girlfriend maybe soon to be wife give a ******* to someone. I've given it some thought and I think that I would love to see her take a load in the face and mouth after giving one of here amazing ********. She gave me some incredible head just last night after I had earlier dared her to go and give somebody a *******. I mean she did suck the hell out of some **** but I wish she could have sucked another **** before mine. When she finally does I hope she does take a load and swallow it and have some run down her chin as well.
RobinAdams RobinAdams
31-35, M
1 Response Dec 8, 2012

Good luck. Keep suggesting it and once she's done it she will want more. My wife meets a guy once every few weeks and sucks him off in the car. She video'd it on her phone last time and I love watching her sucking another ****.

How did you initially get her to go and do it? Is it someone you know? Have you ever watched live?

I told her a few years ago that I had a fantasy where she ****** another guy. She said she would never do it but agreed to tell me about her past experiences and it turns out she was quite a goer. She told me she might give someone a ******* and knew a guy at work who she quite liked. They started texting and agreed to meet for a drink but he did not go through with it as he was married and felt guilty. Then a year or so back we met an old friend of her brothers in a supermarket and they swapped numbers. I could see he liked her and told her so. They started texting and I suggested she start to flirt with him. He immediately told her what he wanted to do to her and agreed to meet. The rest is history. I never watched live.

Ill try and see what I can come up with. Would you like to watch live??

Good luck, I think it will be worth it. Yes I would love to watch live but I'm guessing that the other guy might find it a bit weird. He obviously has no idea that I know. I hope that we meet another guy one day at a party or on holiday and he agrees to let me watch. Who knows she might even **** someone which I would love to see live.

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