A Few Bus Experiences

Lyn and I have had many fun sexual experiences on buses over the years and this thread reminded me of a few. The first was when we were in college and coming back to school together after Christmas. We had flown into a large city airport and had a couple hour bus trip to our college which was in a small town. The bus wasn't very crowded and Lyn told me that she wanted to suck on me which she proceeded to do for about an hour. I was sitting in the window seat of the Greyhound and she was in the isle seat and just leaned over and went to town on my ****. She had this great way of just taking me to the edge of blowing my wad and then backing off so I wouldn't ***. Finally, she told me that she wanted to taste my *** and then she sucked me until i exploded in her mouth.

That was the first time that I really realized that this girl not only didn't mind sucking **** in public, she really enjoyed it that way.

Another time, years later after we were married, we were taking a bus tour to the Hoover Damn outside Vegas. We were staying in Vegas and took the bus to the damn for several hours. I really didn't want to go, but she had never seen the damn and really wanted to do it. Rather than make a big deal about it i decided to suck it up and let her have her own way. By then she had discovered her love for exhibitionism so she was wearing an exceptionally short skirt and was enjoying all of the attention (stares, leering and smiles) she was getting throughout the day. "After all, this is Vegas so I can be a little more naughty, right?" she said to me when she was getting dressed that morning. She knew I loved it.. This was at a time of our life when she had not yet started playing with others, but she did loved turning heads and coming to Vegas was like an aphrodisiac..

There were a lot of heads that got turned that day as she went out of her way to bend over or not worry about what or how much was showing when she sat down. Some of the blue hairs on the tour were really upset by the little show she was giving to everyone, but this only encouraged her. She also enjoyed the extra attention that the male tour guides had given her so by the time it was time to reboard the bus for Vegas she was really horny. As we got on the bus, I was behind her and amazed when as she slowly walked up the steps into the bus. When she got her first foot on the top step she dropped her tour program on the floor and bent over to pick it up. I had seen the bottom of her butt cheeks several other times that day, but this time it was a full on ***** show which also was wet and glistening. There were probably a dozen or so people boarding behind us who saw the show amidst a couple of gasps.

After that she headed right for the back row and I knew what that meant. I had sat in the isle seat on the way to the damn, but she said that she thought she would like the isle going home. Our seat was across from the bathroom so there was no one directly across from us although she was clearly visible from the seats just forward on the other side of the isle. Basically, her skirt all but disappeared when she sat down and I spent a lot of time fingering her on the way home with her encouragement. "I don't care if anyone see's as long as they don't complain and get us thrown off the bus" she whispered to me. I caught I guy watching, but he wasn't complaining so I just kept going. She was just soaking wet by now and when I told her that i saw him watching, she actually turned her legs toward the isle and ran her fingers over her **** waiting for him to look. When he did he quickly turned away and then looked back with a big grin on his face. He was probably in his 50's and with a woman so that is about as far as that went.

After Lyn had *** for the third time she told me it was my turn and unzipped my pants and pulled out my ****. She sucked on my **** all the way back to Vegas. Occasionally, someone would come back to the restroom, but she never stopped. When we got to Vegas the bus would stop at individual hotels to let people off and as luck would have it, we were either the last stop or second to last. As the bus was starting to get more empty (maybe 8 or 10 people and none near us) she came up for a breath and said, "Are you game to finish this off right?" That could mean almost anything with Lyn, but I was pretty sure that she meant did i want to ****. I said yes and she climbed on my **** facing me. It didn't take long with her grinding on me before I came. She sat back down, leaned over and sucked the *** off my **** and came up with a big smile on her face. "Thanks for going on this boring trip with me", she said and this was just as the bus turned into the hotel drive way. One last thing was when we got to the stairs to get off the bus, the driver was already off the bus and at the door looking up. he had a big smile and said, "watch your step" as she slowly walked down the stairs with *** running down her legs. That was the first time we saw that guy off his seat all day and we had a great laugh on the way back to the room....

I guess that is enough of our bus experiences for now.
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5 Responses Dec 4, 2012

God, you married well!

Gotta love a woman who will make it worth your while when she knows you're doing something you're not interested in just to please her.

I adore her bravado. Exhibitionists of her caliber are fairly rare. I would love to see her in action!

My God, what a keeper!

Sex on public transport is fantastic! I love it.

Haha, ever see anything like this?

I'm a bus driver, you'll have to start hitting on them!!!