Want Husband To Cheat

I can suck your **** to get you ready then you leave me in the car. I am so wet with desire and I wonder what you are doing to her but I dont have to wait long. You have sent me a picture. She is on her knees sucking your ****....i've got my hand down my pants now furtively rubbing my hard ****. i get another pic. she is spread wide waiting for your tongue.... the next pic i see your **** buried in her **** to the hilt. the final pic is of her open mouth full of your ***.
I know you are coming out soon and I cant wait to feel our **** in my mouth. you open the car door and stick your fingers in my mouth. you command me to suck them and I can taste her on them. i am out of my mind with desire. and I immediately pull out your ****. It is still damp with her ***** juice. your groin smells musky like her. I savor it and I lick your **** not missing any drop of her tasty ******. You hold me firmly by the hair and guide my head. you tell me Im a good girl and you ask if i like the taste then you face **** me and say thats what I did to her *****. You *** in my mouth and command I drive us home, there you will tell me what happened and maybe I will get some ****.
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Jan 11, 2013