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My Stepdad ****** My Girl Friend

during my senior year my good gal pal i call her dannie {from the paddling stories.} she was over 1 sunday to watch football with me and my step dad and sister , they are good friends. we root for dallas and my stepdad and mom calf hippies root for san fran. it was a cowboys vs 49rs day at our house, sun was our day to kick back and relax and watch football. dannie was wering here favorite cowboy panties and a cowboy tube top wich showed off her nice 36c **** and that nice round ***. i had on my cowboy boxers,and my sister her cowboy panties and a t shirt. my stepdad his 49er boxers and jersy along with my mom sameas step dad. As usual before game we are beting and smash talking on who will win,in the past it has been simple bets wash car, cleanhouse,room, odd jobs around the house, my step dad says we need a new bet today something big, i said loosers have to walk around the house nude the rest of the day. my mom said we dont want you to get cold, dannie said im not scared of that.i am open for anything, with that my stepdad fred said ok if 49ers win i get to **** you and everyone watches. if i loose i will give you $200. dannie says i dont think mrs will like that , then my mom said i dont care it will give me a day of rest . I asked my mom you are ok with that she said if you and dannie are , my sister said take it dannie we will win and you will have $200, dannie said what does it envolve fred says a bj,a **** and butt ****.dannie was not sure she has only given oral sex she was still a virgin, i said this to the group they thought other since she was with me, but dannie and i are just good budies i have wacked off on her and she has blown me but that has been all. dannie finally said why not. maybe its time. now dannie is 17 long redish hair 36c **** and a great mussle *** she is 5.6 and 110 lb. well the game started and with in a few minutes we were up 10 to zip. me dannie and my sister kate were all jumping for joy dannie even got up bent over in front of fred and told him you cant have this today then she smacked her *** and said to bad. my mom said to her games not over yet and when the niners win she will enjoy watching her get ****** by a big ****. what sports trash talk dannie just laughed and sat next to me and kate. but after the half thing went south as they say. by the start of the 4th qrtr niners up 35 to 13, dannie was not laughing now, she was scared you could tell in her voice and actions she told me no matter what she had to do it she made a bet and for me not to hate her, i told her you are my friend i wont hate you i would be hurt if you didnt because those who go back on a bet are sore loosers. with 4 min to go my mom gotup and came back with some of her favorite lube for dannie. dannie saw this and the time and the score and with a small trembling voice said fred do you want to wait till the end or do you want me to start now? silence filled the room for a few seconds till my mom said well fred its your call.fred put his hand on his crotch and said well judging by the score you have no hope so come on over. with that dannie got up looked back at me and kate with tearsin her eyes. she asked fred how do you want it he said kneel down right here as she did fred pulled out his **** fred is a big boy 10and half thick my mom has no complaints except fred wants it all the time my mom is 40 fred is 36 he is 6.4 strong he grew up working on his family farm in calf so he is ripped pretty good. he put his head next to dannies mouth she put her hand on it, it did not even go around it she opend her mouth and put the head in as we all watched.she slowley sucked it my mom saying do a good job i need a rest. she sucked for a while she did a little harder stroking with her hand as well we could tell fred was ready to pop. then he said to dannie here comes your first snack dannie just mumbled o no then fred shook and made a whaaaaaaaaaaaaa sound he shot 4 huge loads into dannies mouth she pulled back opened her mouth ,it was full of ***, mom said swallow and she looked at me and did. fred rested for a sec he picked dannie up and pulled off those little cowboy panties he licked her ***** real quick she came from the excitement. he bent her over the arm of the couch facing all of us she was looking at me fred was right behind her kate said hang on girl fred said here goes your virginity are you ready dannie teary said yes sir. he started to put his head in dannie squield oooooooooo ahhhhh its huge! it hurts! omg omg its huge . fred ****** her slow at first all she could do was look at me i was playing with my self ,my mom said there you go again. she has cought me several time but she dont care she says its normal. fred is picking up speed now and dannie is moaning and wreathing from the big **** in her he ***** her for almost 20 min then pulls out squirts lube on his **** and her butt hole then he says hang on and begins to push into her *** she yells out omg omg. its too big my *** is stretching he is starting to go faster she is making all kids of noise .kate is just watching as if i shock that this is going on fred then pulls out of her *** and puts her on her back on the arm again and starts to fuckher ***** even more he thrust and bangs away his balls slapping her ***** and dannie yelling out ,all my mom could say is this is one night i get a break fred says here it comes and unloads his ***** deep in her dannie is comming and wreathing on the arm fred pull out and sits back down very tired. dannie is on top of him *** hole stretched and ***** sore . she says my ***** is burning i went over and gave dannie a big kiss and told her she was a special friend fred told her he hope she was alright she said to him she would be fine in a little while and she thanked him for the first time **** he told her my pleasure she thanked my mom by giving her a hug my mom said thats ok she enjoyed watching and said come on i can make it better she took dannie up to her bathroom to get her fixed up fred put his **** away kate said she was glad she didnt take that bet  i went to my room and finished ******* off i have to admit the sight of my friend getting ****** hard was erotic but i did feel a little sorry for her after a little while we all sat back and watched more tv no more bets that day. dannie and i stayed good friends we look back on that day and laugh now. she says she only bets a dollar on games now.
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Great story !

danie got pregnant fred's child??

very hot story...

Now that was a highly erotic and well told story! Damn, did you ever **** her also?!

i ****** her for a couple of years

Dam that's very hot!

Such a sexy story!

Made me ***!

this story got me hard!