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I've lost count of how many times I've seen my girlfriend getting ****** by one man after another, or her on her hands and knees, sucking **** while another man is ******* her from behind. Watching her with other men is a huge turn on for me. And, to see her with two or more men using her holes is incredibly hot. I have had men play with her at a nude beach, a nudist resort, in a bar, in a club, at a swingers party, in a parking garage, in a public park, and in our home. The group action is the hottest, where other men are watching my girlfriend taking as much **** and *** as possible.
Webster9 Webster9 41-45, M 14 Responses Sep 6, 2010

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Where is this nude beach, and what naturists resort are you referring to?

We always wanted to do this, in our home. It's so much easier with just one or two guys though.

Nothing like seeing **** after **** *** in you wife. I love the fact that she can turn into a **** craze **** at the drop of her panties

@ Jettys - I totally dream of being tied down to a bed in a dark room and having a line of men come in and use me. The idea of having someone keep an eye out for me is definately a good one. Have patience, I'm sure it will happen for you guys.

Webster, there's always the goody two shoes that think they can change everyone with a fear factor! it only makes themselves feel better! bridgedoc, wants to be the director!

You are very lucky to have such a sexy **** for a girlfriend. Watching a GF or wife pull a train is a great thing to see and experience.

my wife has admitted that one **** just isn't enough and the more she can have at one time the better she likes it. she has told me that one of her jobs she had she used to pull a train of guys from the warehouse every week. she said between 7 to 11 guys depending who was working

VERY hot. Would you get off on watching her do that ? If you can locate a good swingers club that isn't far from where you live, I think that would be a good way to go. And, it certainly sounds like she would enjoy it.

it is very hot watching her with other guys even in groups

My wife done this once when she was younger. I've been encouraging her to do it again, but to no avail.

Why is there always somebody anxious to throw cold water on everything ???????

Just watch out for STD's.

Playforhubbie, it's just a matter of time! women are very competitive with each other! they don't dress up for us, they dress up to out do the other women at any given function! if you encourage her with a positive attitude, she will eventually, throw her hat into the ring, to proof she's better! you must understand the way a woman thinks! she has an image that she projects to others! it's what she's willing to be seen from others! if it complimentary, she will use it as a sexual persuasion! they don't necessary, want an sexual encounter, they just want to let other women know, they're no slouch! women are so sexy, but in the same breath, they are so complicated!

Wish my wife would agree to this too. She's done group stuff before and witnessed a girlfriend of hers pull a train but hasn't done it herself. She admits she was turned on watching her friend do it but it may be too much for her to let me see it happen. You're a lucky man to have a wife like that!!

My wife has had more men than I can remember BUT (so far) not pulled a train!<br />
She has agreed to do it, however I can't seem to make it happen!<br />
The complcations are-She Older& quite heavy so guys tend to ignor our adds--She (& I) want to have pics(or dvd)of the action(faces included) -She doesn't like to be called a ****--She wants a boyfriend to control the action as she can't take anything Rough(protection)(her body is somewhat fragile-She's the type who has to be treated nice(if you talk nasty to her she turns off)!<br />
Been tring to make things happen for a long time now& still nothing!<br />
Guys just keep saying "Tell me when&where" & won't even consider "Helping" to make it happen!<br />
If someone wanted to be her boyfriend(including taking her out in public) & she likes&trusts you-It could happen easly(she won't let me arrange it!<br />
Wonder why(when I read that so many want to be involed) that we can't make it real?<br />
Cuckhold Don London Ont.

Webster, as a friend, i want to hear about the bars and clubs! they seem to be your hottest! thanks! love you guys!