I Really Want To Watch My Husband Do Another Woman

I have had this fantasy for a long, long  time. Oh, just the thought of watching him make sweet love to another woman gets me wet and really turned on! We have put ads out, but have gotten no where. There would probably have to be many sessions, cause I'd want to watch him do her many ways. One would have to be to have her finish him orally, second to watch him c** in her pu**y, in all different positions. Another fantasy is for me to join in and suck her breasts and have me lay on my back, while she goes down on me and he does her doggie style. That way we could see each others face while in the act and she just be the go between. Either way I just want to be able to see his *** face and totally enjoy another in front of me. Then take him home and reclaim him.

The scenarios are endless... but finding the right girl, that's the challenge...
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I do too I know how good he is and I want to share and watch him get someone else off its so hot

I'm the same way I want my husband to pleasure another woman I'm not gay but it turns me on because I know how good he is and how great it feels

That's a very alluring fantasy & I'm sure u gonna enjoy it but the challenge is to find a girl who can make this possible for you..
Keep trying & best of luck...

I sex fantasy him, by watching ****. Ask him to pick the girl on the video he wants me to be and the other girl will be our nasty girl. I think this is the closest thing that will happen because I can't find a girl who is willing to make this fantasy happen.

I'm glad I'm not alone with having this kind of fantasy

I have been married for 12 years and just recently started having this fantasy. I was worried I was the only one! I told him we are married so we have to share everything especially our other women lol

I want to surprise my husband with a ********. But how do I get a female to come to our hotel room.

My wife has the exact same fantasies. And yes, finding the right girl IS a challenge.

I tried this with my husband with a prostitute, I was completely ignored. It was supposed to me for both of us. Now I am slowly dying. I can't eat barely drinking water and on heavy sleeping pills. I have been married for 15 years to the man of my dreams. And I have never seeing him with so much pleasure and passion. It has been 5 days. I don't want to live with that image on my head. I have 2 kids and they think I am sick. I have not left the bed since. My husband was selfish, and loved her giant breasts. He was crazy about her. I don't know how to get over this. I am living in a nightmare. He hasn't been able to get an erection with me since. Anyone please help me.

Hi Tata, I'm so sorry to hear this. How are you now? Have you talked to your husband and told him how you feel?

Something is not right. I'd be worried if I were you. Talk to him. Did you initiate it?

Oh this is what I'm scared of I hope you got it all sorted and u are well again. I read ya post and melted for ya to how ya must of felt hope your doing well now and that ya husband relises he was not being very fare towards you

Wife and I did this on a few occasions on holidays. But we would use an escort. Great fun

My husband had an affair that ended before I managed to find out. I needed every little detail just to calm down my wild imagination. I know she had the best sex of her life with my husband because he ****** her the same way he gives it to me - deep penetration while fondling that results in over the top *******. At first it hurt so much but now I have fantasies about the two of them together and it helps me *** when he makes love to me. I know he has ended all contact with her but I would like them to get together again and let me watch.

My girlfriend told me recently about wanting to watch me pleasure another woman but I'm not allowed to look at her, is this normal ?

So she wants you to pleasure another woman but u can't look at her at all or you can't see her naked

She said I cant look at her.... think I'm going to have to do this blindfolded Lol

Usually when the g/f or spouse wants to have her man with another woman it here's usually no rules and a lot of times it's a 3some. So I would tell her we do this with no rules or we don't donut at all

No rules is simply insane, even in ********** there should be ground rules.

I want my man to watch me. That's what fun about it.

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We'll I can say from being the husband it wasn't what I'd thought I mean it excited me at first but with my wife watching and helping was very odd feeling. It felt like a performance and I couldn't get in the groove to enjoy

I too long this fantasy of watching my husband do another women while she licks my sweet ***** mmmm

So hot

You're awesome babe! I love that thought as well..

Love the last post..

I want a woman like you. Not to have sex with any women i want but to have my girlfriend or wife watch me and then have her afterwards and satisfying you like that just turn me , but women like you hard to find.

I am in the same position! I have endless fantasies of watching my husband please another woman. I want to please another woman with him. I can't stop thinking about it. We have tried countless times with ads but have had no results!

Any luck yet ? I just joined this site and I'm glad that people feel the same way as me. I wanna see my husband have sex with another woman

So have you found the right girl?

Sounds a lot like my wife. Ever since we started "playing" we almost exclusively involved other men. It started out as **********, but got to a point where I really just loved to sit back and watch her pleasure another man and receive pleasure in return. We talked occasionally about involving another female, but the idea never gained any traction until she suggested a friend of hers. What blew me away was the friend that she suggested... a friend she had made at work who was in her early twenties. She had been to our house many times, and I always thought she was hot (so did my wife) but I couldn't get my head around a scenario where that could be a reality. But she wanted to see me with this girl in the worst way!

Let me just say this honestly... when it actually happened for the first time, I probably didn't put on a very good show. For so long I had gotten used to enjoying watching her with other men, and I guess I never considered too much how I would react in the opposite situation. I was actually really nervous when things started happening, and that's not normally like me. It was also very surreal to me... much the way it was the first time I watched my wife give a friend of mine head. Getting her topless and sucking on her **** (which, to be blunt, are still some of the nicest **** I've seen in my time) seemed like a dream. And the main thought the kept occupying my mind was worry that my wife would regret the whole thing later. I'll never forget stripping this girl of the rest of her clothes and looking at my wife in a kind of worried way. This girl's body was just so tight and perfect, and my wife had confidence issues in the past, so I worried that she'd see her naked and then get really jealous. Now, my wife has a great body, too, and I've always thought she was the hottest woman I ever laid eyes on, but that means NOTHING to someone who has a self-esteem issue!

Anyway, I think those thoughts prevented me from just letting go and having the most fun that I could. In fact, I know they did. Plus, between my wife rubbing herself while watching us, this girl's body, the "newness" of the experience, and how tight her ***** was, I'll confess to not lasting too terribly long. BUT, my wife was absolutely in love with what she watched, and despite my worries, had no jealousy issues whatsoever. And as time went on, she had more things she wanted to watch me/us do. One of them, much like you, was for me to *** in her *****. Of course, she'd bring that up while we were having sex, and then we'd think better of it during less heated/passionate conversations. I entered this girl bareback right from night one because we all knew we were clean and we trusted each other, but that seemed to be a little risky even though she was on birth control. And as a matter of fact, I did *** in her a little one night and we were all a little nervous for a few weeks. As you know, birth control isn't 100% effective.

Anyway, I don't want to hijack your thread with my own story, but I just thought I'd share another perspective from experience. We have involved other women since, but our view, after having done "things" for awhile, is that the single women are much harder to bed. Now, a woman in a swinging married couple is a much different story! But having that "extra" male in the room may very well not let you realize your full fantasy. I know it wouldn't have for my wife. Not that couples play isn't fun, but you know what I'm saying.

Looking back it's still hard for me to believe that the whole thing actually came to fruition. I would have never guessed in a million years that a girl like that would be so "on board" with an idea like that... and probably even more surprised that my wife was so into it. It's just crazy to me, from the male perspective, that for almost two years (the girl ended up moving, sadly) I was ******* her on a regular basis... in front of my WIFE!

Anyway... I wish you the best of luck. If you and your man have very open communication and trust it can be an incredible experience. All the best to you! :-)

Any advice to a first timer

WOW! And I thought I was the only one! I fantasize about my husband taking his time with another woman, pleasuring her, making her beg for more....all while I watch. It would be so hot!!
But how do I find a woman to join in on this fantasy? I'm not comfortable asking any one we know...I would rather this be our own private, discrete fantasy brought to life.

I have enjoyed the pleasure of watching my husband pleasure other women. It is the greatest aphrodisiac I have ever experienced. Watching his face as he is fulfilled, hearing the other woman, and when they are spent and weak from hours of playing and enjoying each other, I know I will be pleasures far better when we get home.

It has been a difficult road to reach the point of knowing that i am the only one that matters. Just the look in his eyes as he dresses himself to leave tells me more than words of how much he loves me for allowing him to take his pleasures, gives me the assurance of where his heart is.

Start with trying a swingers club. You'll find plenty of couples who are only interested in ********** with a man joining. However, there are usually more couples looking to share by allowing the female in, they'll start with all together enjoying and the play ends with 2 women with one man, and they'll want you more than your partner. They will probably focus more on all over you.

I just read all this.. And now I'm glad that there are other girls who feel this way! I thought something was wrong with me for thinking about this!!!! Lol does anyone have any ideas on how to tell my husband about this? I've made jokes before but he just laughs and never says much. I think he probably really thinks I'm joking:) when really I think about this sometimes. Also where would I find another girl? One that's the type I would want and not gross to worry about all the other stuff!

I have watched my husband **** a few different women, it is WONDERFUL! But what turns me on the most is when he goes out and ***** them alone then describes it to me later. probably because it seems naughtier lol my ultimate fantasy would be if we could find a girl for him to **** every single day forever! oh I can only dream :( I am in a very small town so it is very hard to find girls, he hasn't ****** anyone else in 2 years :(

I love this too and often send my husband to go and have sex at a brothel and then to come home and let me suck him off while he tells me what he did to her! I thought I was seriously perverted lol. Glad to see I'm not!

Have you ever tried swinglifestyle.com?

The positions you describe are fantasies of mine as well. We've so far only played with couples, and while there has been playtime between me and the other women, not quite in the position you describe here, which is what I think about a lot. I get kind of mesmerized watching him with another woman, it's very hot to me. And I love love love having him afterwards.

I have the same fantasies about my husband. I guess I'm more normal than I thought. I want the woman to have pretty large **** (probably because mine are only 36c's) and for her nipples to stick out a lot too. yum, yum, yum.....

Sounds amazing, some day I will find a couple, where the husbands allowed to have me. I dream of that day.

Am I reading this right in that you want to be the other woman? Wow! I love girls like you. Wish there were more of you. Can we clone you, hon?

Are we really that rare? I get so aroused when I think about being with a married couple. I've never been with a woman before, but I do consider myself to be bi-curious. I just get so wet when I think about turning on another woman by having her husband turned loose on me. I would love the chance to have some fun with her too.

I think there are a few of us here and there.... I'm told I'm rarer then a Unicorn;) at least that's what www.FetLife.com

R u a single woman

Where do you live! !?!? I can't find a girl willingto and were not ugly...lol

I may not be an issue, how ever he may!

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i want to do that to bt just cnt find n e 1.we always fantasize and fu***ng love it.such a turn

I love that. Trying to get my husband to try it.

I'd love to experiment with my husband and another girl. I'd love to see him pick her up when were out.....so hot

Trust me, if your husband is good looking and a nice guy, it is very possible. We've had success. It just takes one cute horny girl and you're in heaven! I wish you lots of luck. I think that the personal route always works best. Get to know girls in your area and one will come on to him. Let her know you're open to it. Maybe have him go out alone a few times and he'll reel 'em in and then you can discuss the situation with them before anything happens. Honesty is important, but most girls won't come on to a guy if he's with his wife. I just happened to get lucky because my hubby's girlfriend didn't care who was with him, she just hit on him in front of me and all my friends....it was SO freakin' hot!!!! I really love that little hottie!!!

Good luck to you!

That's amazing. Watching him flirt and kiss another girl out in a bar then bring her home would be so hot!

I feel the same way too. I'd like to watch my husband f***s another woman but it's really hard to find a girl.

I really would love to see my husband with another woman. And I just wanted to know what will he do. Will he give it to her like he dose with me.

Me too! I've been soaking wet for a couple of weeks now fantasizing about my huabnd getting ****** & sucked by another woman. I want her on her back, I'd stretch out her ***** for him to **** her deep. I want him to *** inside her & spill some *** on her ***** so I can lick it off. I can't even sleep at night thinking about this. He knows and he loves it!

me too i like to watch my husband having sex with other woman it makes me wet..

It's so hot! To watch him undress her, suck her ******* and finger her......just wow! I'd love to watch my man lick another woman too. He's sooooo good at it!

Wow - just wow.

As a couple, we have very similar interests. We are looking at sharing each other with other couples as well. It's tough finding the right match, (people that click with us) though. But we are continuing on with it because it excites us to know we are giving each other a new level extacy! And like you we are also involved in an ANR relationship. We love the intimacy that comes with it. We wish you the best!

You are unique!

She's not as unique as you might think, my friend! Many girls I know really get off on sharing their men. I think they enjoy the competition and they love seeing their men pleasured by another. It's so hot when it happens, too! OMG!

You're right, the challenge of finding someone is almost impossible. There can't just be two of us out there. :)

i would love to help x

Wish you luck in your search. If we were closer my gf said that she would love have a theesome with you guys. She wants to fist you while your husband is ******* her from behind.

That's hot, wish you luck in your search

My GOD your husband has NO idea how lucky he really is. I would give nearly anything for my wife so tell me she wants to watch me with another woman......at least maybe then I'd have a chance to have some serious sex and not the totally plain vanilla sex I've become so used to over the years.

lol, no he has no idea at all. We haven't been able to find a lady anyway... ;-)

good luck in your search!