Ravishing My Wife, My Fantasy. Pictures Of My Wife And Me Included.

It would be fun to watch a young stud seduce my shy conservative wife in front of me, getting her all hot and bothered.  I would then give him permission to have her anyway he wanted as long as I got to watch.  I would love to watch as he slowly un-wrapped his gift, and then lowered her down onto the bed offering her his large **** to suck.  Then they would switch into some 69 action to get her wet, and ready for his large ****.  Love to see her on her back with her legs spread wide waiting for him to enter, inviting him to be the only man to have sex with her other than me.  He would gently enter her *****, starting off slowly giving her time to get use to his size.  Once he was all the way into her tight little ***** he would pick up the tempo.  I can see her now, (in my fantasy), with her legs high in the air then wrapping her pretty legs around his back inviting him to **** her deeper.  Buy this time an hour has past and he is really starting to ravish her *****, pounding away like it was the last **** he was ever going to get to have.  She would be screaming with pleasure as she came repeatedly on his ****, ending with him flooding her insides with his ***.  Then being young he would be ready to go again and again ravishing my wife until she begged for him to stop.
Wish this was Real.

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She looks like she could **** a man to death. Wow...

This is EXACTLY my problem. My hot little Asian wife is so shy and won't even consider another man touching her. She used to work as a bank teller. Sometimes I'd go to the bank and watch as man after man stood in her line (even if the other lines were shorter) so that they could get a chance to talk to her. They'd ask her out.

I asked her about this and what she told them. She said that she would tell them, "But I'm married!" So I challenged her on that statement..."So you WOULD go with them if you weren't married?" She'd say that's not what she meant. But it is.

My wife is hot. Tiny breasts, but a fantastic ***, great legs, and a beautiful face. I would love to see another guy pinning her down, lining up his fat **** with her hairy *****, grabbing her *** and pulling her onto him.

****** hell ya!! When can I fill her fuckhole!???

Wish you could.


good story, great pics ,would love to se more


Great fantasy! I would love to see my wife in that position too!

ok i want to your guys wife!!! :)

i dream of the same thing for my girl

what we have to do to talk her into it... she has a great body that i would like to feel

nice story and Pictures...I would not mind doing her.... what you this..would she enjoyed sliding sown my ****

She would enjoy that if we could talk her into it.

hot story