But Ladies Dont Do That

My wife is a lady. She also runs our sex life which is very limited She is very fussy about where and what I am allowed to touch We nevr do oral, ladies dont do oral. We do simple obvious stuff She will not discuss sex, that is dirty talk
But she sometimes goes on dates with men I know. I have no problem with this since I know she will never leave me. I represent security
I also know that the men she dates will try all types of sex with her yet we cant talk about these things . How come I am hung up on this ?
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1 Response May 11, 2012

It sounds like she has intimacy issues or she might just be a "not so nice" woman. Either your marriage has been so damaged she cannot get intimate with you or she's either using you for security & getting her sexual needs elsewhere. The question isn't why she does this or why not with you. The question is are you happy in this situation or do you want more from your marriage? If this only makes her happy and works for her then you need to reassess your relationship with her and make some hard choices.