On His Boat?

I have written about how my best friend dropped in and my wife felt playful and started tickling him which turned into wrestling so I left them alone and he had two hrs alone with her . She blames me for leaving .
He has a small yacht with a couple of cabins   He and I go out in it ocasionally
It is amazing how private and peaceful it is once we are out of sight of land. We wear a minimum of clothing
He has asked if I would like to bring my wife next time.
I asked my wife and she first said No,   but I am not sure she meant it    She loves boats
If we go, he and I will take turns navigating the yacht which will make life interesring for my wife
She is in her forties and the choice is hers     She cannot walk awayfrom him  She will  not be wearing much
Last time she had no choice without looking very naive. She did not enjoy being alone with him rhat evening
He got to know her very well , too well she says
It will be interesting
I enjoy navigating the yacht   and watching  the choice my wife makes  She can always stay on the bridge with me.
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1 Response May 21, 2012

If she says, "No," drop the subject. She says she did not like being alone with the guy, man, believe her. If you are convinced he will try to get her alone, what the hell is your problem? Don't ever force your wife into doing what she doesn't want to do. You will surely lose her. Sounds like that's what you are going for. My wife & I had a wild life with her doing all sorts of sexy things publicly, but those things were what she wanted & loved to do. Be careful!