Dear Old Dad

My wife's mother was visiting from out of town and I thought it would be nice to have my dad keep her company. They are both in their seventies. We went out to dinner and the wine was flowing. By the time we left to go home both mother and daughter were felling no pain. Both ladies got into the backseat and as my dad turned to talk to them I noticed a stunned look on his face.I turned and saw my wife's skirt had ridden up high enough that he was staring directly up her skirt and at red panties visible through her pantyhose.After arriving home we went down to the basement where the bar and pool table are.I served drinks while dad laughed and giggled with the ladies. We ran out of wine so I had to make a trip to the liquor store, thirty five minute round trip. I returned sooner than I thought and was going to sneek up on them downstairs when I noticed my mother in law passed out on the couch and as I peeked around the corner my dad was showing my wife a pool shot. He was standing behind her and it was obvious he had his groin up against her ***.Both of them giggling.They didn't see me so I let their pool game continue.At one point my wife was leaning over to reach the cue ball her left foot on the ground and her right leg was about two feet off the floor causing her skirt to slide further up her legs.She couldn't balance herself so dad offered to help. He grabbed her right leg just above her boot top and steadied her. At the same time catching a peek under her skirt. She caught him looking and said she was flattered that he noticed her legs.I wasn't ready for what happened next. He placed her foot back on the floor but now her legs were slightly spread.He began tu rub the outsides of both legs slowly inching up her skirt in the process.She put the cue stick down and placed both hands on the table. She started to protest but he told her to be quiet and not wake up her mother. My dad's left hand suddenly disappeared up her skirt as my wife let out a soft moan. He was rubbing her ***** through her pantyhose.When my wife didn't stop him he reached up under her skirt and pulled her pantyhose and panties down to her boot tops. He then inserted two fingers into her already wet ***** and began his finger ******* of my wife. After a few minutes he unzipped his pants and began to rub his **** along her ***** and ***.He had a hard time trying to put his **** in because of the boots holding up her pantyhose. He then told her to bend her knees and as she did he buried his **** into her already wet *****. "don't make any noise, you'll wake your mother" is what he told her. He ****** her slowly and at times pulled his **** half way out then easing the entire length back in. Minutes later he began to pick up the pace and after a few grunting noises he began to deposit his load into my wife's willing *****. As he pulled out, his *** was dripping out of her ***** and onto her red panties.I quietly snuck up the stairs slammed a door as if I just got back and went to the basement. My dad was drinking a beer at the bar and my wife was sitting on a barstool with her pantyhose pulled back on.She said she wanted to go to bed but I insisted she stay downstairs for a while. All the time knowing that my dad's sticky load was slowly dripping out of her ***** onto her panties and pantyhose.I tried to set up dad with my wife's mother but instead he winds up ******* my drunken wife.The next day I caught him going through my wife's hamper. I'm sure he was looking for her *** stained panties and pantyhose for souvenirs.
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NO FLIES ON HIM but iwould question his love for you!!!

That is a hot story.

time and place

Super horny storie baby!!! xxx xxx