Wives Watching Husbands

 is there a group for wives/gfs who want to watch their husbands/bfs **** other women, esp younger women? why is it always men who want to fantasize about their women? i get turned on by the idea of sharing my guy with another girl. am i alone in this??

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I wish I was married to you:)!

I believe that most women are insecure and that's why the image of "their" man with another woman is threatening... Is it really threatening?? I believe it can bring two people closer together HOWEVER in an unstable oir unhappy relationship it will ruin it.. My 2 cents

My ex loved to set me up with girls. we had lots of 3sums together. She loved to see me *** in them. Some of them didn't want me to because they were concerned about pregnancy. That turned her on even more. She would pleasure herself and time her ****** with mine. When I unloaded in a girl she came too. If the girl was not on birth control, she would go into convulsions. she like to see me **** married women too. Loved for me to unload in them and send them home to their husbands. I think it was a control thing.

You aren't alone in this, but you are rare. While cuckoldry is a very common fetish, there isn't even an equivalent term it in women who feel this way. <br />
Given our genetic and biological make-up, we are geared toward possession and control, therefore, jealousy. Nothing wrong with that. Just makes the idea of our guys ******* other women, especially young, sexy, little things, a difficult hurdle for most to overcome.<br />
I, myself, have always been geared this way and, when younger, often thought myself quite the freak. Now, as a therapist and one who specializes in alternative lifestyles and sexuality, I know it's a perfectly acceptable way of being, albeit, still rare :)<br />
There are a few groups on EP geared toward these tendencies. Perhaps, you may have even started one of them. If you haven't found them and would still like to, just look through my groups. They're there :)

I am totally in agreement with you, Misterious lady. I understand, that the same way I'm turn on to see my Gf, enjoying another man, and see the man really enjoying Her, the woman can feel the same way. And there proactive women out there that do. So why don't you start a group, and I'll be your 1st. Fan. Actually, I aiready am. I will start one asking women, who really, I mean really enjoy anal sex. i have a sotry about my present GF 9 who really enjoys A.S. like I've never seen a woman enjoy before. Add me to your list. M

I would love to **** another woman in front of my wife and let her hear them *** on her man's ****. I would also like her to here and see me as I shoot a load in them and run out of their *****.

I would like to know too!

This is a huge fantasy for my wife- she wants to watch me with another woman, then possibly join in. Her words, not mine.

My former wife could not even watch me **** another woman even as she was being ****** by the husband. I loved to watch her but she couldn't handle me getting it on with any women. I think she had a security problem and I tried to convince her I loved her and wanted to stay married but it failed. Start the group. If you wish I could start it for you. let me know.

During our sex, my wife has shared her fantasy, of she arranging our neighbour's wife and instructing her to obey her husband (Me) and she would like to watch while i take her in doggie. I think most of the wives will have such fantasies, but hesitate to share with husbands.

jaytee, doesn't your wife want to share you?? lol! I would like to share my boyfriend but he's too straightlaced and won't feel comfortable...but i personally would love to be in a 3 with my man and another girl...both of us giving him a great time....don't know why, but it would turn me on...

so far I have come across only those stories where men want to share their wives/gfs with other men/women, but I am sure women too desire to share their bfs and husbands with other women.<br />
My wife used to encourage me to go for my friend's wife as she (my wife) found out that I was interested in my friend's wife. So you are not alone in this matter.