Id Like My Wife To Do Same

im 13yrs younger than my wife.its her 2nd marriage.she is the domanant parner in the relationship.i get offon the idea o here having her ex again.we play about me being her 2nd husband etc.being in same beedroom as she had him all those times is a real turn on.iv told here that.i dont think she will take him again though.its geat being 2nd.makes me feel so submisive.

hughcumber hughcumber
31-35, M
2 Responses Mar 7, 2010

I suspect someone will soon be ******* her, but it might not be her ex. Good luck.

wife still hasnt had her ex,trying to get her to talk bout all her past sex with her ex husband.sometimes she does when she is in a nawty mood.she says my **** is bigger.wonder if thats true.