The Wife Getting It From Behind Is The Best!

Let's face it, there is nothing more exciting than to see one's woman ****** to the point she doesn't even know you're in the room, but seeing her take it from behind is the absolute best. When your woman bends over or puts herself on all fours to display her sex in the perfect position for the hardest pounding, it is a call to action like no other...

What a thrill to see the woman of your dreams submitting to this animalistic ******* - she can't even see his face, she can only feel him inside her...

My wife loves the way the studs grab her hips and control her with them to get the kind of penetration they desire...

And the sounds my wife makes!  It sounds like she is getting the ******* of a lifetime when the stud is breeding her like a stallion...

If you haven't seen your wife ****** in this submissive position, ******* hard as a man she barely knows shoots a hot load of thick ***** deep with her, you are missing something great!

pjandrox pjandrox
19 Responses Nov 26, 2010

really turns me on... no idea if someday (while we're still young) can accomplish that...

Hi. Can I help out breeding her? I have a nice sized 8incher with big balls of ***. And a talented tongue. I can do it all!

Oh yeah definitely the best way to do her but need to duck her I'm the *** while she's on all fours:)

nice pics... owners pride and watcher's envy... i really jealous of yr wife...

Very hot pics!!! Looks like she was really enjoying it :)

You guys really know how to have fun.

nice shoots!!

you are so lucky to have a wife that lets her animal instink go wild and lets other men in her hot ***** ,,, i would go nuts if mine would let strangers,,, friends or anyone take her,,,,,, my wife loves it doggy style more then anything and screams when she **** being taken that way ,,, i just wish it was other men in her while she is getting it that way ,,, and they fill her with all there *** till its just running down her legs that would be so hot ,,,,,, you are very lucky and your wife is very hot

Somehow when I read this the Nine Inch Nails song Closer popped into my head. I bet these guys love to grab the back of her garter belt to add even more force to their thrusts.

I love seeing a woman's *** and ***** from behind while she is bent over or kneeling. That is so hot!

You must have a perpetual hard on being with Rox. She's so sexy.

absolutely delightful.can you ****my wife like this! you are welcome.

most satisfactory.send more stories.

wow! hot stuff love these pics , 1st 1 is fantastic!

Bravo! it is wonderful with desc<x>ription and pics.Carry on fella!Love it.

Thanks for all the comments, everyone!

Amazing! Well put and thanks for sharing.

Yes, yes, yes... I want to be there next time, please.

Oh yea

yes!!! know the feeling!!!

mmmmm... sounds hot too me!