My Wife Was Teased During A Beach Massage

I have recently posted another story about my wife exposing herself which always gets her really wet when I mention it during our love making. The story has been embellished to the point where I told her I imagine watching the man rubbing the head of his **** over her mouth while his fingers explore her *****.

She groaned and said 'he wouldn't be the first to touch me since we got together'. I started licking her **** and pressed her for more details. It turns out that a beach massage she got in 2005 turned out to be a little more than I thought.

I recall the massage because I watched it happen, and noticed the guys hands working near the top of her legs. What I didn't know is that at one point he traced his fingers over the outline of my wife's ***** when she was laying on her front as he was massaging between her legs. She then says that she froze and then felt his hands clearly on her ***** on the next pass.

I asked 'what did you do?' and she replied 'pushed back a little when he rubbed by **** on the third pass. Extremely aroused, I asked her to continue. She said 'well the massage finished then, but don't you remember me making a private appointment for one later in the week that I never ended up going to?'

I did remember, and I also remembered her being extremely randy on the way back to the hotel after the first massage. I said 'well you booked that massage knowing he had touched your ***** didn't you? she replied 'yes'. What would have happened the second time?' I asked. 'I would have let him finger me properly' she groaned as she was *******. And what would your hands have been doing? I asked. 'Well judging by the size of the bulge in his shorts, probably wanking his big **** until he shot all over my chest'.

God, how I love my wife!
closetoit closetoit
46-50, M
Jan 14, 2013