Open To An Erotic Massage

This tale links to my other two stories about my beautiful sexy wife. Things have definitely opened up a little more since being seen naked at the wedding, and resulted in her telling me what really happened at a massage she had several years ago.

This prompted me to download a film of a woman who was being massaged by a man who eventually removes her swimsuit bottoms, fingers getting closer until they are fully exploring her *****. He then licks her ***** before feeding his thick **** in and ******* her really hard.

As she is riding my **** she tells me that I am a horny git and I can tell she is approaching ******. Then she leans over and whispers in my ear 'I wonder if they do beach massages in spain' (We have just booked a beach holiday in Spain for august this year.)

This is too much for me and I explode inside her as she ****. Afterwards I always tell her I love her and she replied 'lets see if you do the first time you watch me **** another man'

Roll on August!!

closetoit closetoit
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

I would love to see what your gal has getting massaged...
Love the adventures your having so far and how she's enjoying showing off her body as well as you like her doing so!