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Couples Massage

The closest I came to this was a few years ago in Goa, where at the hotel we booked in for a 'couples massage'. It was a very respectable hotel and I'd anticipated it would all be very safe and sanitised, probably over a towel or swimsuit.

When we arrived at the massage room, there were two couches laid out side by side and two very pretty Indian girls standing by to perform the massage. They told us to '***** please' and when I stopped hesitantly in my underwear they said 'yes everything please'. My wife and I lay down side by side on the separate couches and the masseuses covered each of our bare ***** with a small white towel. I had a great view as the girl working on my wife began to rub oil onto her naked body.

Now Em's skin is very pale and 'English rose', whereas the girl giving her the massage had very dark, nut-brown hands. Watching her work across Em's back and up and down the backs of her legs was extremely horny! Eventually, to my rising excitement, the masseuse folded back the towel to reveal Em's pale round as s and began to work the oil in. It appeared her hands were very strong!

The masseuse said 'now turn over please', and without a beat Em flipped onto her back, her gorgeous pale pink-tipped breasts fully exposed as the Indian girl continued to stroke and push her soft white flesh.

I was hardly aware that the girl working on me had also been hard at work, but now she also indicated that I should turn over onto my back. This was a bit of a problem, as my excitement at watching her colleague's attention to my wife's pale nude form was now extremely evident! With some embarrassment I turned onto my back. With great professionalism, my masseuse simply draped the towel over my obvious and rampant erection and continued to do her work - although I did notice that she shared a wry smile with her colleague. I also got some very sarcastic comments from my wife later on!

The thing that sticks in my mind most was seeing the beautiful contrast between Em's pale flesh and the masseuse's dark hands. I would REALLY love to repeat the experience, but this time have a male masseur working on Em!

RobG1908 RobG1908 46-50, M 31 Responses Oct 15, 2008

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hi..i m a male massager in me on scorpion.sharma

yes please!! I would also like to know the name of hotels where I with my wife enjoy body massage !!

Where r u from ?

Good idea! Great story. If you are able, please add me. Thanks

May I know the name of the Goa hotel please. I would like to change my shy wife to a hot and opened one.

I will be in goa between 11 nov2012-14 nov 2012,would like some handsome male to give massage to my wife in a good and safe location


hey call me if you still in Goa 7387723705

Nice read. I and another smart guy have secretly traded massages. I introduced him as a professional masseur to my wife and we all enjoyed the experience. It was nice to watch. He reciprocated that as well the same night. We were asking for the same thing at the hotel reception. Was a superb experience since we both knew how to massage professionally

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really cool story......

Oh, that must have been a wonderful experience! I've had a sensual massage with a bit of colour contrast as well, and my partner and I both loved it!

Lets connect

Can anyone please tell the name of the hotel where this type of massage service provided at

he man pls tell where in goa i and my wife are going to goa for that massage. i want my waife to have a hot body massage

We try the massage all the time and it always works. Makes her more horny all thru the holiday. She dresses provocatively, looses her inhibitions and is in see thru clothes when we go out or nude under the sheets in the room accidently dropping the sheet sometimes when room service comes in or in the balcony :):):)

We do a lot of this. But the one the works the best is she placing her panty at the bar counter and she picks up a couple of free drinks. The pool bar man in India and Vegas have both given her a free drink when she approached them with one cup of her bikini as if accidentally displaced. Loved the expression on their face. It not about getting things for free but the way people react.

i want my wife to be massaged by a handsome guy in goa. can anyone give me the address of he massage centre

Lets connect

It was called the Antique Spa. Google it and I am sure you will find it. Let me know if you need help.

Not there on Google

Hi I m from Goa and i give a lot of massages for couples/ladies/gents. I assure you full satisfaction. Thats a promise.<br />
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i am off to Goa in two weeks. I also know how to massage. If you like i can massage her ....

Hi <br />
<br />
We are couple in our thirties, and love to give massage for couples.......<br />
we are trained in swedish and deep-tissue therapy.<br />
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Sounds wonderful that u enjoyed...

Yes was just a trip to Goa - some time ago, but we enjoyed very much.

Hey Rob, from ur stories, u do not look like to be indian. Did u come to india on some trip. Would like to know that. If yes, how did u like india??

You can google Antique spa and then ask for the four hands massage. It's great!

can anyone please advise the name of the resorts in goa which cater to couple's massage. we would also love to chat and get more details. how much does it cost?

Any resorts in Bangalore which have erotic couple massages ?


My husbon and i are going to bali in 2 weeks we have lost the intimacy in owe life 1st holiday with out the kids in 12 years where did you go?

My wife had a similar massage in Bali. She admitted to me that the fingers of her male masseurs ran up the lips of her c**t and that she felt very very horny. IShe said she *********** after the massage but I think she was lying. She must have come with the male masseur massaging the lips of her c**t. Where did you go in Goa?

where can I find this male masseur experience in Bali for my wife to experience? is there any penetration from the masseur.

There are quite a number in Bali. I am not sure if there is penetration either but I am sure that can be arranged.

My wife and I went to a resort for a couples massage and they told me they had a male and female masseuse....and asked who would the wife prefer. I told them the male and later confirmed that was my wife's preference. During the massage it was very erotic to watch her body being worked over by a strong young man. Even more erotic was later, while relaxed in bed she confessed that her legs fell open involuntarily as he massaged her thighs, and she said she felt so horny that moaned a little and she wished he would have slid his fingers into her. She was very embarrassed at telling me all of this but, I told her it made me very excited and I thanked her for being honest.

We are going to do that in a few days. ;-)

nice story! thank you for sharing! :-)

have oil,can travel....

Oh yes, my wife is very aware of my fantasies and the experiences and situations I've enjoyed watching her in. She runs a masterclass in tease! lol

The erection is nothing to be embarrassed about. Masseuses are used to them.<br />
<br />
More importantly, have you told your wife your fantasy? Maybe she'll go for it, especially knowing how it turns you on and that she'll be receiving the benefits of that after a good massage.