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I missed my opportunity to watch my wife get a massage in the nude by a male massuse (massuer) while at a resort in Mexico.  I set her up for the massage and we went by the evening before to make sure of the time and the lady scheduling the massage said she only had a male massuse would that be a problem as she would be nude?  To my surprise and delight she said no, it would not be a problem.

So the next morning I walked with her to the spa for her 1 hour massage, left her and went to the beach on the resort.  All I could think about was this male massuese running his hands up and down the inside of my wife's thighs and taking a look between her legs and occassionally touching her p*ssy by accident.  I went to pick her up and she looked so relaxed and spent.  We met another couple as we were leaving the spa and the lady asked if my wife had received a massage?  She said yes and the woman asked if she wore any clothes and she said no and then she asked if it was a female or male massuese and my wife said male.  The lady said she didn't know if she could do that and my wife said being nude in front of the male massuse was not a problem and was a wonderful massage. 

I just kept imagining the massuse running his hands up near her hot, wet pu*sy and possibly even lingering a ;little too long, perhaps long enough to slide a finger inside her.  I have never asked her if the massuse massaged her between her legs perhaps that will have to wait for a night when we are both drunk.

I missed my chance but I'm sure I'll get another at somepoint, I hope!

notsmart notsmart 46-50, M 11 Responses Apr 2, 2010

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interesting story,.... there are couples who experience in bali?

Shyhandsomeman- vacation and out of town seems to make my wife less inibited. I was shocked she let a man give her a massage while she was nude but it was a turn on.<br />
Did he touch her between the legs or slide a finger in, I don't know but I will find out someday.<br />
Best of luck,<br />

Great story she sound mmmmmm......<br />
When we were on holiday in Greece the hotel had a health club. I had a woman massage me one day and chatted a lot to her whilst making sure she got a few good looks at my cc o c k that was half hard most of the time she was rubbing me. I said I wanted to book a massage for my wife and she asked if she would prefer her or the male massuer to do it. I said I would like to talk to the male about it. <br />
He and I spoke and it was set that he would do it but I would tell wife I had arranged for a girl to do it and when he went into her he would say the girl was feeling unwell would it be ok if he did her. I knew she would like that and I told him that the extra money I had given him was to make sure he gave her a COMPLETE all over EVERY part of her body a good go with his hands and fingers. He looked at me as though as to say are you saying what I think you are say ....I smiled and said she needed and good massage and he should relieve her in as many ways as he could and she must leave him completly satisfied. <br />
After the massage she never said anything about it being a male and just sauid it was really relaxing and that she was going to go back every couple of days until we went home two weeks later.<br />
I went to see the massur and asked how he got on. He said she enjoyed it. I said look don't mess around what did you do..He said he gave her a full massage and she liked him touching her ti ts and when he got to her inner thigh she let her legs open and he rubbed her c l it and fi g ered her un til she c u mm. She went back 6 more times before we came home !

Oh yes...I would be asking for a play by play account of every rub and every touch. Then I'd offer to help her re-live the experience by giving her a special massage too. Now that would be a pleasure…:-) dc

Love the story, you've GOT to find out more details!

i love it. Just added u to my circle.


Would love to watch my wife get a massage from a guy. She's easily turned on from being touched and seen nude. She'd probably want more than the guy's fingers between her legs.

I'm fairly certain he touched her between the legs and gave her a good *** massage as well. How could he not touch her p*ssy when massaging her ***? She probably even spread her legs a little for a better view and access.

Sure he would have. It would have been a great experience for u to watch him finger xxxxxxx her. Or may be even actually xxxxxxx her while u kneaded her ****..... real turn on

I've watched my wife get nude massages from both men and women and let me tell you, it is much more erotic to watch a woman give the massage. They know where to touch and how to touch in a most arousing way.

very nice! hope for that myself too!