Oral Confession

I've been with a lot of women in my life but my wife is by far the best **** sucker I have ever been with, and she is by far the most eager to perform orally.

She always make me wonder though when she is giving me ******** I always ask her if she enjoys it and she will say she loves it, and that she does it all the time with other guys. I think she says that to turn me on but it always makes me wonder... Two things she confessed to make me think it might not all be fake.

The first was while we were dating, she had a connection at her job that would give her floor seats for basketball games from time to time. So one night a few months ago she was sucking my **** and we were having the normal discussion and when she was trying to convince me she was telling me the truth she dropped the "you didn't seem to mind when I was getting you tickets" line. I was like what? She said well how do you think I got those seats? I was paying for them with my mouth she said. You think I would have sucked him just for the fun of it? She asked... And I'm laying there thinking what the heck is she talking about?

The second one, and I'm stumped on this one totally... We went on vacation 2 years ago to an island and while there she was looking for some children Tylenol. She asked the guy in the resort store and he said the didn't carry it. But another guy near the counter said he actually had some in his room. She could come with him and get it. I thought that was the most dumb, stupid idea ever, however she is like that sometimes and we fought and she was bound and determined to go get some from him. Of course she was gone like 3 hours and was still pissed when she came back, and I'll be damned she had the medicine.

So another night a while back we were in bed and I brought that up and confessed to her it kinda turned me on now thinking back on it... That I thought the whole time she was over there having sex with him... She immediately replied no, nothing like that... He just asked me to suck him. So I asked "well"? And she was like I got the medicine didn't I? I was really mad at you so yeah I did it, and if he had wanted to **** me I would have let him too...
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31-35, M
Sep 13, 2012