Wife Having Sex With Friend

i want to get my wife to have sex with an other man agian we had a friend stay with us for awile i asked her if i could show some nude pic of her on my phone she said ok so i showed him she started walking around the house toples she would sit like that watching tv then one night we were home by our selfs and i asked her if she would take off everthing off and sit and wate till he came home she said okĀ  so when he came in she was sittnig nacked and he went up to his room to get change he came down with just a pear of shorts on she was sitting on the chough still nacked she saked him to sit beside him she had a blanket by her and she said she her legs were cold so she put her legs over him and put the blanket over them but she had them wide open and i did not nodes at first that his hand was under the blanket so we started talking about watching a movie and then i watched her move closer to still spred egal then i watch him lean closer to her i could he moved his han between her legs then i watch real close she did nodis that i saw the blanket moving a bit but new he started playing her she started to move more and more then she started moning then she said to him can we go to your room they had sex but every time after that she would do it in his room i did not mind thenĀ  after a fue months he moved we split up not because what happed other things but we are now back together and i would like to try it agian.
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1 Response May 8, 2012

why would you want this to happen? i cant understand. If you love the person you are with you shouldnt want your spouse to be with another. It is awful that people do this, hate me like me i dont care i am hurt and disgusted about this because my husband asked me the same thing. It does not turn me on at all. It makes me feel like i am not doing something right. I love my husband and cant stand the thought of him being with anyone except me. I feel that my heart is broken and he just dont care for me anymore. I dont know what to do and I know I am not gonna let this happen. cause in the long run its gonna bite you in the butt!!!!!!!!!