My Wife's Fantasy of the Bar Room Pool Table

   My wife is petite, tan, and blonde. Nice perky C-cup ****. Long tan legs, flat belly, and has **** fantasies. One day we were talking about the old pool table sex. Alot of people and guys have always talked about that. She was laying out. In her Brazil bikini, it has about 2 inches of fabric. I asked if she wanted a drink, so she grabbed her towel and came in. I watched her lithe, slinky body in the bikini, wow was she hot. Her friend Janine had said she would try it in a bar and my wife said, yeah, I guess,. If it was about closing time. I had heard these stories for years, so I decided to ask her about it. I flirted with her, saying, that's for them chicks that get bombed, and don't even know what they're doing. Maybe a pool table in somebody's house. She said no, the girls said you gotta do it in a bar, where you get watched. I quit talking about it for about 10 minutes while she talked to a girlfriend on her cell. I chimed in while she was talkin, and said, Ask Jill! See what she says. My wife said to her friend, we were talking to see if any girls you know ****** on the pool table in the bar. Then she started laughing, her friend Jill had said Iwould! And so it died down. That Saturday I was off for the weekend, no running service. We had a steak and after, a drink, when my wife said, So you think I'd look good up on the pool table? Getting ******. I laughed and said, You look good without the pool table honey. I said, Why this pool table thing? You guy's (meaning her girlfriends), got a contest or something? You all wanna get screwed on a pool table? She said Janine was teasing her, saying she was gonna send her a pic from the phone, goin at it on the Pool Table. I said, Then let her, it would probably be fun to watch. I was watching the  last of the 4 oclock footbal game when Connie came in and said. Honey, do you know a place I could do it on a pool table? I said, What do you wanna do? **** a guy on a pool table? Is it a big thing now? She said, well, you do like to watch, and I'm gonna send my pic first, if you'll do it? Then she stood close to the arm of the chair and done the, Cmon baby please? I'll suck your **** all weekend! I didn't want to go anyplace I knew. We never did pick up men any place we knew people. But as a plumber running service week after week, year after year, I knew about every business in town. Business'es have alot more plumbing problems than private homes, especially the bathrooms in bars. I didn't concede to the idea at all. I told her I'd check some things out. Her friend Candice came by, and they wanted to go to pick some stuff up at the mall. I thought about my best options. As I watched them walk out to the car, I grabbed my reciept book. I also watched my wife's friend Candice's tight little *** and legs under that tight, short, white skirt. Man was she good looking! I checked through some places and then it hit me. This one big, balding heavyset guy named George owned the Stumble Inn. It wasn't for couples. At some times I have been over there, I've gotten to talk to alot of people while I was running the snake in the sewer, fixing the women's toilets, ect. I have even took "Big George" up on his offer on an overtime call, to sit down and let him buy me a beer. I've given him a few breaks on week-end repair bills when Plumbers rates are higher than lawyers. I have spent 2 to 3 hours in there doing repairs, while people came and went. Some black guys, mostly hard working white guys. Everybody seemed to get along. I called him up. Big George was there,he answered the phone. I talked with him awhile, scared him with a joke, that the reason I was calling, the city sewer was backing up about a block away from him, and soon, **** would be gushing UP from his floor drains. Once I had him calmed down, I told him kinda what was goin' on. He said it usually got down to abouit 15 to twenty people about 10:30 or 11:00 pm The pool table room was a dogleg around the corner from the main bar, so it was semi-private. You could look back in the corner and see it though, when you went to the bathrooms. But you had to slow down and look back in the corner. I told him I would be there, that we wouldn't cause any trouble, and I was responsible to take care of the girl. He must have been in the bar business all his life. He's the one who guessed it was my wife. I told him about her, and her girlfriends, and he said, What the hell. It might be a little fun. We'd keep it low key, and not last too long. When Candice and my wife pulled up, they had been to some clothes stores, and Victoria's Secret. I told her about the Stumble Inn, that it wasn't the best part of town. She said I'm ready, I'm getting hornier by tjhe minute thinking about it, and we havent had any stranger fun in 2 months. I told her not to tell Candice we were going ther tonight,. I didn't want to be responsible for her too. This was gonna be just like the stories we had heard, Hot chick ***** men in bar, on pool table. She went in to get dressed. She came out with this very short, cling-fitting white dress, cut in the side, with bare shoulders and straps. She wore a new lace-white thong. You could see her thong right through her dress. She didn't have to be in the light. You could see the little lace V in the fromt, and the thong going up her *** line. The dress had a low cut front also. She wore 4" white heels. I have to say my wife likes to keep her tan more golden, so she doesnt lay-out until she dark brown. The golden goes with her blond perfect. She looked like she belonged in a very upscale club. We waited until 11:00 to even leave to go to George's place. She asked me, like she usually does, if I'm ok, am I still ok with it? Do I want her to suck me now to relieve some pressure, ect. She goes into some kind a mode only women could know. But she's calm, she says her ***** is tingling a little. She has shaved her **** again so the only thing there is a small blond stripe on her little mound. She ask's if I'm getting horny? My ****'s hard, but I got it at a good angle. We walk into George's place. Everyhead turns, it's almost like drool is hitting the floor somewhere. George yells out to me, and directs us down to the very end of the bar, that's where it curve's around, and where George hangs out. George wont **** on his girlfriend, the have been together 30 years. But that doesn't stop him from saying. So you're the lucky lady huh? He brings us a beer, yes my wife gets a Mich Light in the bottle, and leans around the curve of the bar. My wifes dress is so short it's hiked up to the top of her thigh's. He puts a big hand on her thigh. He says, God I could almost come just touching that. She laughs and takes a drink. There are about 6 or 7 guys in the pool room. Were comfortable. A couple of them know me. Hey plumber dud! And raise their beer. Thanks for fixing the *******! I'ts a kinda bond for a service guy to fix you're stuff. Anybody reading here would know you feel alot better when the water/crapper starts working again. George said he wasn't worried about tim. He pointed to a door right past the batrooms, and said. Front door to the house. My wife decided a shot of Cuervo was in order. Guys were staring like crazy.  But so was I. Aftyer a couple more shots, a guy asked if we wanted to play pool. My wife said a big Sure! We sit our drinks and smokes on a little table and played partners. Every guy loosened up after hearing her talk, which started gettin dirtier. I talked dirty too, so they werren't worried. You could see her underwear glowing in the black light in the back of the room. God, she was as hot as it gets. A blond with a *****-high dress and heels against the black light. Finally, we switched partners, me and another guy and Connie and a guy. He started rubbing up to her over at their table. I went and played some slow songs on the jukebox. She danced with this tall, black guy up close. He was more adventerous. I talked with some other guys as she danced, telling them it was ok if they danced too. A couple more songs and partners, and they were openly feeling her up, and kissing. She had another shot of Tequila brought to her. I counted the guys back there. 7 of them. I looked around the corner and there were about 15 guys up at the bar, and pinball machines. She let one guy oush her against their table, under the black light. He raised he leg up, and she put it on the first stool's rung. Her panties were in full view of the whole room. The one tall black guy did come right up to me. He asked straight up. Did she come here for fun, like ******* fun? I said well, i'ts her fanasy to get ****** on a bar pool table. So I went over and told her what I said. I said there were three more black guys up front, but I don't know if he will tell them, or if they're even together. I told one other guy to help that guy out. Meaning the guy who was groping her. The other guy went over and grabbed her leg by the thigh, and sit it back down on the floor, then he reached under her dress ans pulled her panties down. He held them while she stepped out of each leg, one at a time. He laid her balled up silk opanties on the table. There were 5 guys around her now, like a swarm. The young kid leaned in behind her, took out his **** and rubbed it up the crack of her ***. different guys were taking turns kissing her, and she was rubbing the black guys crotch. I went over and whispered let's put her on the pool table. So they all walked her over, and she stopped. One guy pulled a stool over, but she sat down on it anfd pulled the tall black guy over and put her mouth on his zipper. They just pulled her dress off her head and all she had on was heels and bra. The tall kid was first, I was going to try to make sure I counted, I knew 7 guys were back here for sure. I went over to put some more tunes on the jukebox, and when I came back, the black kid had scooted up over her, pushing his **** in her mouth. I took her dress and panties over to our table. I took out the phone, and sent some of the girl's some pics. Then I lit a smoke. But somewhere, I lost some of them. Then I noticed her look over and smile at me. She even smiled with her eyes with a fat **** in her mouth. I realized the word was out, there were men looking around the dog-leg corner from up front. And they were pulling out their dicks. I walked over and told her, told her also we could leave, (though I wasn't too sure) that Big George would close the place. They took turns with her ***, *****, hands, mouth, anything to make them *** I stopped the count at 13.  She told me in between *********** she loved it, she was feeling great. And asked, can I have another shot of Cuervo?  George poured about an 8 shot blast into a regular cup. One of the younger kids rolled his **** in it. then put it in her mouth. They traded places with her. Some dogguy ****** her, some wanted her on her back. I did get one photo of a big black ****, a guy laying on his back, with her sitting backwards and facing me. He didn't have the biggest **** though. Some big, i mean Giant bald guy made her suck him, and he pulled her right up to the edge and ****** her. She fit perfect for this guy's height. Her legs over the side, she was balanced on the bumper wall, right on her ***, with her little ***** facing straight up to him. She hadn't got to see how big his **** was. All she knew was it had a monster head from sucking it while other guys ***** were right in her face, all trying to get in her wet mouth. The biog guy pushed what looked like a horsecock in her. It went in ok though, *** was being forced out of her now, you could see it gush outalong the sides of their dicks while they ****** her. I bet this guys **** was a foot long or more. And I'm a plumber. It looked almost unnatural going into her. Just dissapeared into that little wet hole. She was getting jacked on now. *** was on most of her from the thighs up. I got hornier as My wife asked me if I lked it. Did I want her to suck me? I said later, knowing I would ruin my feeling by *******. She had a good buzz on, but knew exactly what she was doing, and wanted it. She talked dirtier, like, Look at that baby, look at that **** going in me. He's gonna shoot all his stuff in me. Get me another **** to suck baby. I got Goerge to lock the front door. We let guys out as they were spent. It wasn't a nightmare, on the contrary, my wife loved it. When men were ready to shoot, she would say, cmon, baby, let me have it. Even the guys jacking off would hop over with their pants down to *** in her mouth. She got it in the *** a few times early, then most of it was the different guys climbing on to get some *****. Her ***** was red, and fat. If she was sucking a guy and he wasn't ready to shoot, she would pull him out, and grab the guys **** that was pre-comming, and swallow down his load, then go back to sucking the guy again. She took on the pool table, got about 15 guys more than she thought. I told her it's cause she got so dressed up. She was lovin it. I'd only had 3 beers over 4 hours, so I drove. When we walked into the house she kissed me, you could taste the *** in her breath, mixed with Tequila, not bad actually. When she pulled her dress back off, I don't know what happened to bra and panties, The whole back, where she sat was a big puddle of come. She sat on a barstool at our bar while I made us a drink. She put one leg up, and curled her toes over the rung. Her toes looked sexy too after being in heels all night.Look baby, look at this. I went over and her tan thigs were glistening with dried come, I looked down and it was all on her little ***** lips. We had a drink, I had to feel her. I put it in and loved it. I was gonna pump a few strokes and come, but she said. Baby, I told you I'd suck it. So I rolled over and shot it in her mouth. Next morning, like usual, my little **** was up early, out weeding around in the garden. Great.

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Damn!! That is a hot story, loved it

Hot hot hot. Love it, and have a similar story about my woman.

She's a keeper...., and weeds the garden too!

great post. thanks for sharing!

I LOVED this post.......I don't know if this is your fantasy or if this is a real experience, but I am achingly hard right much so that I just had to pull it out and stroke it a couple of times......I love this fantasy for me, thinking of my own Hotwife, dolled up in some short slinky dress hopping on a pool table and getting ****** by a bunch of guys. Thanks for sharing!