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Vegas Surprise

This summer my wife and I made a trip to Las Vegas with her younger sister. Her sister and her husband go to Vegas a couple times per year or more. At the last minute something came up where her husband could not go this time, so she invited us. We arrived Saturday afternoon for a week long stay. Since they go to Vegas so often they have earned VIP status at one of the casino hotels, this allows them to get a suite on the top floor that is loaded.  My sister-in-law checked us in and we went up to the room, it had everything, including a hot tub that could hold about 5 folks. That night we went down and gambled some in the casino and stayed up most of the night. Sunday we slept till mid afternoon, when we woke up we decided to get in the hot tub. Now me and my SIL have flirted for 20+ years ever since I have known her. Mostly just talking back and forth suggestively, some hugging and lite kissing around the holidays. While in the casino Saturday night my SIL told me that every time they come to Vegas she has a group of black men that come to their hotel room and party with her, I always knew she was pretty wild. She asked me if I thought her sister would enjoy something like that. She didn’t know that my wife, her sister is into ******* big black *****, I guess it runs in the family. I told her, sure let’s try it and see what happens. She said, and you are really okay with letting this happen, actually watching a big black **** **** your wife, it could change your entire life, it did mine. I told her, I believe I can handle it, she said if it happens and my sister really gets into it I will make sure you get totally satisfied and not left out. So here the 3 of us are setting in the hot tub, we all have had some drinks, but my wife has had the most. My SIL has already told me she has invited her group over to party. While we are setting in the hot tub she tells her sister that she has invited some people over that party with them every time they come to Vegas. Just a few minutes later there is a knock at the door, my SIL gets out of the hot tub goes to the door and lets them in, it is 4 great looking young black men. She introduces us all and tells them we are waiting for them to join us. They start taking off their clothes and my SIL says Oh, by the way they always party naked. 2 of them get in the hot tub and stand right in front of my wife with their semi hard *****, immediately my wife reaches out both hands and starts jacking them off. My SIL looks at me,  smiles and says I guess she likes them, then she reaches over and starts playing with my hard **** as we watch. The other 2 black men are behind her they reach down and lift her out of the hot tub and take her to a bench that is about 6’ long and a little below waist high. She is lying on the bench, a black man has each leg and is spreading them as wide as they can, another black man is at her head rubbing his big **** all over face, and the other black man is between her legs eating her **** as she starts to moan. Her sister says, whoa it didn’t take her long to figure out how to get the best ******* of her life and the way your little white **** feels you like it too. Here let your SIL play with that little **** while you watch your wife get ****** and stretched out by those big black *****. She pulls my shorts down and takes my over to the bench where they are ******* my wife. She takes her hands and guides my face down to my wife’s ***** so I can watch that big black **** go in and out. She doesn’t know how much I really like it, so I just play along. See that **** it’s stretching your wife’s **** out, she’s getting a real ******* now, my SIL says. She takes me up to her face and shows me how my wife is taking all of that 10” black **** in her mouth and down her throat, she loves it your wife was made to be a black **** ****. After this week she will never be satisfied without big black ***** to ****, you still believe you can handle it. Now come over here and eat your SIL **** while you listen to your wife scream with pleasure as one big black **** after another ***** all of her holes and you better make me *** too. My wife continued to get ****** by the 4 black men off and on all week and my SIL continued to dominate me and make me service her and clean up my wife all week. This was one of the best weeks of sex me and my wife have ever had. At the end we did tell my SIL that her sister had been enjoying big black ***** for about a year, but having her there to dominate me was a fantasy of mine that has now came true. We all agreed that this will be repeated.           
happy1010pm happy1010pm 41-45, M 5 Responses Nov 11, 2011

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Now that's the kind of SIL to have!!

It's all exciting but I particularly like the bit about you being dominated

One of my fantasies is to have several freshly serviced ladies make me clean them one after the other. I love to eat P****!!!

Hell, I'd bet your wife and sIL's Mother loved big black ***** too! You should ask her Dad?

Very very nice. My wife would love to suck all that meet as well.<br />
<br />
Please add us.<br />
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