My Wife Set Up a ******** For Me.

  My wife Connie, loves to be taken by strange men with me watching. She is 37, 15 years my junior. She's 5'6", very tan, and blond. She keeps just a little racing patch of hair on her *****. Other than that, she's smooth shaved. Her legs look great in heels and short skirts, and dresses. We actually found a group of married men on a website in Ft Myers Fl, where we live. These men were very proffesional, and well groomed. We set up a siute in Naples, where these guys were from. I, and she didn't want 5 strange men and me, all in some motel room. We didn't have to pay the group, and our privacy was respected. She wore a black, silky dress that clung to her, had tiny straps over the shoulder, and was slit all the way up one side. With matching black heels, and a gold necklace. We sat at the bar when the men came in.  The leader, or the one that did the most talking, introduced them. Connie, and I were surprised that two of them were very large, tall, athlete looking guys, and were also very black. No one had mentioned anything, and I guess everthing was assumed. She was not showing surprise, all though her eyes told me different. I gave them the card key, and the went up to the room to get their stuff set up. They had brought tripods, cameras colored lights, ect. Later we only went along with one guy taking some stills and no shots had her, or my face. We said ok to that. Back at the bar, we had a couple drinks, and a couple of the men came back down and we got a booth. I had asked her if she was comfortable, and after a couple drinks,. she said I'm ok with it, are you? I agreed. The men took turns dancing, and of course, there was alot of rubbing on her. One of the black guys looked like ther was a giant in his slacks. They helped her along with squeezes and feels of her while we sat at the table too. One guy moved her into the middle of the round booth so they could play with her, then trade off. After about 1 hr we went upstairs. The foreplay was great, her dress showing off her crossed legs. The first guy got all the guys to take turns, while she sat on the edge of the bed, with her dress on, they each walked up, one by one, and made her undo their belts and pants and get a look and taste of each ****. No guy  was under 8", we knew that from the start. But one white guy'sa **** was 10" and thick, and the one black guy had 11 2", and thicker than her wrist. This was her first with a black man, and she treated his huge meat like the others. The deal was, they instructed her what to do. I watched. After each had rubbed their ***** on her lips, and face, some of them slapped her in the face with them. The white guy with th 10" done this alot to her. Then they each took a seat, and she had to take her dress off, but stay in her panties and bra. Also she had to leave her heels on. They made her serve each one a drink, and we were able to talk, i watched as one guy made her stop in front of him. He pulled her panties hard to the side. Her little shaved **** was glistening and swollen. The one black guy held her thighs, and kinda walked, pushed her over to the bed and started eating her *****. The gates were open then, she would look up at me once in a while, but each man's thing they were going to do tonight was one come in her mouth, and one in her *****. She was really into the big black guy, she was hot now, his head was likle a tennis ball, as she fought to put it in her mouth She was wet, and even slobbering out of her mouth while sucking them. The first white guy pulled her down to the edge of the bed and pushed the head of his fat **** in her. Most of the time we were up here,. she was sucking, or holding some one's ****. I couldn't believe when the bigger black guy rolled her over and began shoving his **** in her. She looked split. But they had her very hot, I don't remember her being so hot,. she did whatever they told her. They all slapped her *** red, pulled her hair, and literally face ****** her hard. They were getting extremely horny, and it showed. Her panties were done, ripped off her bottom, full olf ***** and sex. They ****** her alot more than twice. I watched the big fat white ****, and the guy with the biggest, and fattest, the black guy, both get service in her mouth after they pulled out. One of them, we agreed the 8 incher, even turned her over and buried his **** in her cute little ***. I thought that this must be it, when a liitle hot, tan,  milf gets whored-up, and made to service all of them The first loads of ***** in her mouth were awesome. She looked like a complete tramp, the hung guys pulled out of her *****, and started ******* her in the face. The first ***** I saw flying was the big white guy, when he pulled out of her *****, the black guy pulled her straight up to him, he was on his knees, and he pulled her up belly to belly. The white guy pulled her head around by her hair, down so he was pushing the head in her mouth just as she opened her mouth to start sucking him, bang, he shot straight to the back of her throat. She later said his ***** hit the back of her throat, but she got it down. She kept sucking it, and managed to get most of it. But when the big black guy was pumping her, he was moving her hard, they had to hold her head to keep their **** mostly in her mouth. He pulled out of her and pushed her straight down on her back. He stayed on his knees and pushed a pillow between her head and the head board. He kinda just scooted on his knees up to where his balls and *** were right in her face. That left room for the other black guy to grab her thighs, and get her ***** up in the air. He jammed a pillow under her *** so he could get her crotch up in the air. The big black guy started rubbing his balls, and *** in her face. He made her lick his *******. I never, ever saw her this horny. But they were right, she would like it. The big guy pulled back alittle, and rubbed his **** all over what was left of the ***** on her face and hair. When he came, he came a bucket, really thick, she was actually grunting while trying to service this giant black **** in her face while he just kept dumping and dumping *****. They all called her a **** told her how hot she was, and they also took turns with her on the balconey. When it was all done, everyone was having a smoke or drink, Connie laid there sipping a Margarita. She had one leg cocked up, and her little white bikini tan line around her ***** was beet-red, her *** was red. She had what ***** she couldn't get to on her face, in her hair, ect. ***** and juice from her ***** trickled dwn her thighs, her ***** lips were full of *****, it was running out down the inside of her lerg and down her ***. Her ******* was stretched, and ***** was oozing out of it. I thought they were leaving when the "leader/talker" type guy didn't say a word, just walked over to my wife and pulled his **** out again. He made her suck it while me, and everybody else watched, and you could see his **** pulsating as he shot what ***** he had left into her mouth. He held her head there, until he went completly soft., then just pulled it out real slow. The other guys had said they hoped we had fun. they had all their stuff together. The one guy slipped his now semi-soft **** out of my wife's mouth, and they left.

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nice, would have been great to watch

She sounds like she loved it. It was hot

WOW - I'd love my wife to be used like that - Amazing,

Very hot story!

Several who made comments seemed to be hung up on "black guys" - several women of color have told me I was very good - in fact better than most black males.

That didn't happen your just a pervert and a f****** freak

good story

Great story, my wife has had only three in one night and they were brothers. They were much younger then her as usual and she gave them all she had but when she came home she always had some left over for me.

Great experience, would love to do that once myself!

id love 2 do this with her f***** hot

Now that is a dream come true.

Great story. My wife has only had one ******** which she loved. 5 black guys spent about 5 hours pleasing her in every way they could think of, it was hot!

I would love for my Hotwife to set up a party like this! Thanks for sharing.....I am so hard right now......

Thanks for sharing, it's a great story.

Nice guys! :) It was very kind of them to help you out.