One Great Party

If you read my previous story, The Poker Night, you'll know about how I lost my wife in a bet with my worst enemy. He got to spend one wild night with her, which they both enjoyed so much they decided to do it again. Since then they've been having sex every weekend. They usually spend the whole weekend together at our house, while I go to stay at his house. However, they have spent the occasional weekend at his house and once had a romantic weekend away. There has been a few occasions where I've returned home from work early to find them in bed together. The first time this happened they didn't know I was there, so I stood and listened for a while as she begged him to **** her harder. She moaned and screamed for him in a way she has never done for me. The other times, they knew I was there but didn't stop.

This story is about a party that my wife and I attended recently. The party was a house party for my best friends birthday. My wife spent an unusually long amount of time getting ready and when she finally emerged she looked better than I had saw her looking before. She looked amazing. Since her and Jack had started sleeping together she had refused to sleep with me which was starting to become quite frustrating, so I hoped that this meant we were going to have sex tonight.
When we arrived at the party, we got some drinks and started mingling. Several people commented on how good my wife looked and said that I was a lucky man. Soon the party was in full flow and with the music blaring, my wife asked me to dance. She was acting very seductive and started grinding against me. Then she started whispering in my ear about how she had a surprise for me and told me to follow her to the bedroom. I took her hand and she led the way. As we entered the bedroom I leaned in to kiss her, but heard the door closing behind us. So I turned around and saw Jack locking the door.

I was quite confused and asked what was going on. Jack told me to shut up and that I'd find out in good time. Then he pointed to a chair in the corner of the room and told me to go sit down. I did as he told me. He then walked over to my wife, put his arms around her and started kissing her. She responded and deepened the kiss. After a few minutes they stopped and Jack told her to get naked and get on the bed. He then turned to me and told me he was going to **** my wife while I watched. He also told me to get naked. Again , I did as he said. He walked over to where my wife had tossed her clothes, picked up her panties and handed them to me. He told me to put them on, which I did. They were soaking wet. I was already very aroused and the thought of her dripping wet and waiting to be ****** by Jack only increased my arousal. They both laughed. He then grabbed my hands, forced them behind my back and handcuffed them. Jack called my wife over and told her to remove his clothes. Without a few seconds his clothes had been removed. She then picked up his boxers and stuffed them into my mouth. She then looked at me and said, "You're a pathetic excuse for a man. You're about to see what a real man is like". I couldn't quite believe what was happening.

They then moved back over to the bed where they starting kissing again. My wife then started kissing down his body, stopping briefly to admire his toned chest. Finally she got to his penis, which was considerably larger than mine and took as much as she could manage into her mouth. She then slid her mouth along its length until only the tip was still in her mouth. She took it all in her mouth again and continued to do this for several minutes. Jack then told her to stop and flipped her over so that he was now on top. He started playing with her breasts, rubbing, ,licking and biting her nipples. He then started to finger her. He was slow at first, but then started to speed up. Soon she was moaning loudly and was clearly about to ******. Before she could *** though, he stopped and removed his fingers. She sounded very disappointed and asked why he stopped. He didn't answer, but instead positioned himself above her. He looked at her and she nodded. He then began to enter her. He started off slowly, pushing himself all the way in before removing himself almost completely. He continued like this for a few minutes, which really had my wife moaning. He started to increase his pace. He was now ******* her hard and fast. As she approached ****** she started screaming his name. Eventually they were both *******. Then they just lay, completely exhausted. My wife had just enough energy to tell me that that had been the best sex of her life and I was no where near as good as Jack and that's why she would never sleep with me again. She then told me to prepare for round two.

Throughout the whole experience I had been straining against her underwear and wanted to release very much, but this just wasn't possible. As difficult as this was, I knew it was something I would just have to get used to. Although I still hate Jack, I have to admit that he is in total control now. He can have my wife anytime he wants her and there's nothing I can do about it.
parkthebus parkthebus
22-25, M
Nov 30, 2012