Didnt See It But Heard It

When i was in my early twenties a sworn enemy stole my girlfriend from me and i had to endure overhearing him **** her in the next room. From the sounds she was making and the length of time he was ******* her he was quite obviously a far better lover than me. I was very displeased about the whole situation to say the least but also strangely aroused. I ended up ************ to the sound of my worst enemy ******* my (now ex) girlfriend.
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Did he ever tease you about pleasuring your girl in ways you couldn't? Would have been hot if he learned that you pathetically jerked off to the sounds of his masterful cockmanship.

I think he was satisfied just knowing i could hear her moans when he ****** her.

That is so sexy,you know your a boy, not a man .Submission is such a high

That is one of my past experiences I would now love to relive except i would be in the room with them so they could both see me wanking my little dink . My far superior rival would **** my ex like i never could. She would tell me afterwards how great it was to feel a real man's **** inside her instead of my pathetic little *****,