Ex-boss ***** My Girlfriend

I have fantasized about an ex-boss humiliating me by ******* my girlfriend in front of me. He was a very nasty general manager at a large company i worked for. He regularily bullied any employees who didnt stand up to him. He really despised me because I was one who always did. He generally tried to avoid any confrontation with me and avoid me all together if he could. i know he found me intimidating after I gave him grief during the course of our first few altercations. He would have loved to have found a way to sack me but I was a good employee and belonged to a strong union. I eventually left the company but not until i got a very good redundancy package.
This makes him a great candidate to deliver maximum humiliation.
One scenario I have imagined starts off at a private function at a pub. A former  colleague is retiring and i am invited to his send off. I take my girlfriend along but halfway through the evening we have a row because she accuses me of paying little attention to her and flirting with one of my female former coleagues. I carry on milling about and get way too drunk in the process. She decides to get back at me by flirting with other guys in the pub.
  One of them happens to be my old boss. I turned a blind eye to all the rest but this was a bridge too far. I confront him and make it very clear that he is to keep away from my girlfriend. He shrugs it off saying she came on to him so if I have a problem talk to her about it. Anyway push comes to shove but before any fists start flying we are ushered out of the pub and into the parking lot by a collection of guests and bar staff. There was a small audience (including my girlfriend)  as we gear up for a fight. An exchange of taunts culminates with me throwing a drunken, flailing punch. he easily avoids my assault and launches a retaliatory swing which catches me on the chin and sends me to the pavement. I try to get up off my back but he is right on top of me and it is all i can do to ward off his blows. He connects a couple of more times and then I was too groggy to respond. I lie dazed on the ground when in an effort to  heap more humiliation on me he decides to tug my trousers and boxers off. He has a field day when he sees my tiny little penis and balls. I am struggling to raise myself but i am too drunk from alcohol and punches and keep falling back down.
   I suddenly hear my girlfriends voice calmly stating that I had enough punishment and she would get me home in a taxi. My ex-boss volunteers to give us both a lift and she readily accepts. He and some one else pick me up and usher me to his car loading me onto the back seat. Soon afterwards I pass out but awaken to find myself alone in the car. I fumble around and manage to clamour out into what seems to be a small wooded area. I immediately hear sounds eminating from some nearby bushes. I crash my way through and under a full moon i can clearly see my girlfriend, naked and on her back, legs spread wide as my former-boss ***** her hard. I rush forward but trip and tumble unceremoniosly onto the grass. He leaps up and i get a good look at his massive **** glistening from my gf's juices. He shouts at me proclaiming that i am still a class A nuisance and can't I see he was busy. He looks over to my gf and asks what she wanted him to do with me. She shrugs and says "I really don't care. I'm done with him and his pathetic little ****. Why dont we make him watch?"
  Ex-Boss : "Fine by me. I have never liked the sonuvabitch anyway."
  I was still too drunk and feeling too frail to put up much of a struggle as they used my pants (which were again removed) to bind my arms behind me and around a nearby tree. I was totally helpless to do anything but close my eyes but could only block out the sight not the sounds as my girlfriend was pounded by my ex-bosses big ****. Strangely however i found that I was getting an erection. I felt a very strong urge to watch what was going on and slowly opened my eyes as my arousal grew. They were so busy they didnt notice me viewing them with my small but fully hard erection. She was into what I guessed must be her third or fourth ****** when he shot a look in my direction. I saw a look of cruel delight on his face when he knew i was watching what he was doing to my girlfriend. He then noticed my stiff little ***** and while not missing a stroke told my gf to look at me.
  She didnt react to what she saw straight away as she was pre-occupied with yet another ****** but he came inside her soon after and pulled out. He strolled over to me with his huge wang now hanging down limp but mocking me as it still dwarfed mine even though i was fully erect and it was covered in my gf's ***. He walked right up to me so his **** was dangling in front of my face. "Suck it *****!" My gf chimed in "Oooh I want to see that - suck it  - suck a real man's ****!"
  He pushed his penis up to my lips and I submitted. I stretched my mouth around it and started to suck. "Ahh after all these years you finally realise who's boss - suck my big ****" 
  I sucked on it nearly choking as he thrust it deeper inside my mouth stretching my lips until they felt like they might split. Before he shot his load however he pulled out. "That's for your girlfriend - I am not going to waste it on you - not yet anyway."
  He then surprised me by untying my hands. "You can do something about that pathetic little hard on while you watch this time" 
  I indeed did so as I saw him take her doggystyle both of them facing me. They both looked straight at me as they ****** and I played with my little *****. I came as my gf had yet another ******.
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51-55, M
Jan 16, 2013